Flying Sparks Stretch Goal Update – $12,370 is the number!

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I updated my $12,370 stretch goal for people interested. When it hits, backers are going to be getting a 6- Page short story via a bonus PDF of a team up of my main character, Meta-Girl, with the public domain superhero, Dynamite Thor, who I reimagined for the modern age. It was a proof of concept story I was doing when I was first building the characters for Flying Sparks, and was done with an amateur artist who graciously lent a few pages to me. 
The story turned out fun, and I eventually want to do a full on Dynamite Thor book because I think the concept is ridiculous. Here’s an unlettered sample page from the story:  
Make sure to back Flying Sparks and to tell your friends. I have so much content for this book that we can keep going with stretch goal after stretch goal. Let’s do this!
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