It’s Hard To Build Bridges When Our Enemies Fight For The Sake Of Fighting

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It’s always boggled my mind as to why the SJWs keep at it. A lot of my troubles with the publishing establishment stem from the fact that Cat Rambo went after me hard after she started the whole scenario by attacking my writing on the hate website File 770, while simultaneously acting like I’d started it by my responding to her. She never apologized, always doubled down. But why did she attack my writing in the first place? What was the point? How did her calling my blog “egregious stupidity” further science fiction, help other writers, or even do anything for her career?

There was no point to it.

Excepting I’m a “wrong identity”. In the world of identity politics, where it’s become so toxic that they even attack their own (see Worldcon last week and the twitter storm that followed), all over identity and over nothing else. They have to fight for the sake of fighting because they see my identity or others’ identities existence as an affront to them or their power structures.

It rarely does anything for them. The odd part is when a moderate regular reader tunes in and sees this sort of behavior from the establishment in publishing, I’ve noticed this trend every time, which is why I don’t respond how they want and why I frustrate them so much. Just blasting out what they say and showing the public how “professionals” act does a couple of things: 1. it erodes their structure more 2. it rallies people to the cause and me.

This same “fighting for the sake of fighting” has been used all the way down the line. Worldcon fought me, SFWA fought me, last week Tor Books’ employees fought me. They don’t understand, even now, at all that they’re giving a large portion of the reader base and a large portion of the author base reasons to turn against them and seek alternatives which is fueling this indie market. It’s like they don’t even comprehend the cycle perpetuates itself.

Imagine a world where Worldcon simply said “we understand you have safety concerns, we’ve made our security aware there may be potential threats to you, and we will do everything in our power to protect you just like we do other attendees.”

What would have happened if they worked with me? There would have been no incident. They wouldn’t have pushed their convention to be a political activism cause, and they wouldn’t have turned off so many pros and fans or fostered the environment we saw last week.

What if SFWA had simply said “you’re a professional, you have the sales, we have the evidence you qualify and we respect that. Please just don’t bring politics into the club as it’s an authors’ club?”

I’d be working for them now, doing marketing for them and helping the struggling authors there maximize their presences and it’d be a different ballgame.

But they seem incapable of doing that. Vox Day’s laws of SJWs appear to be accurate at every turn and the second is SJWs always double down. They have to fight for the sake of fighting because they have nothing in their lives except for the fighting.

It means we can expect this kind of thing to continue and the harassment’s going to get worse. The best way to diffuse this and the only way is to make our crowd bigger than their mob, because mobs get very scared very fast when they’re confronted with superior numbers. Their entire energy and structure is based on being able to swarm and isolate.

The good news is — they’re really having trouble doing this these days. By their fighting for the sake of fighting, they’ve mobilized a lot of us. We’re not alone anymore. We don’t have to be afraid to speak out.

How do I know we’re on the rise? Look at my crowdfund for Flying Sparks that’s raised nearly $11,000 in one week. That’s crazy for a first time comic writer, but like always, I put together a quality product that pushes for fun and has zero identity politics. Everyone can enjoy this book left or right. Check out Flying Sparks on indiegogo now.

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