COVER REVEAL: The Adventures Of Baron Von Monocle Book 2: The Blood Of Giants

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I’m pleased to show everyone amazing the cover for the next book in my #1 Amazon Bestselling YA Steampunk series as well as give a little teaser to the book’s contents. I’m so excited to bring this book to all of you as it’s the first of my more recently written work, and  I’ve leveled up as an author by a significant margin. If you like For Steam And Country, The Blood Of Giants is going to absolutely blow you away.

The Blood of Giants will be available on August 15th.  Cover by Logotecture:

Danger looms on a foreign continent…

Zaira von Monocle is getting the hang of commanding her airship, when crisis hits her homeland, Rislandia. Caught in a terrible cycle of withdrawal from their power-serum, Wyranth soldiers are ravaging the countryside in a berserk rage. The Grand Rislandian Army has been unable to slow their bloodthirsty advance.

The Wyranth’s serum has its origin in legend, a children’s tale about giants roaming the land of Zenwey, far across the ocean. Zaira must take the Liliana and her crew to this faraway land, in hopes that she might find a cure before the Wyranth take even more lives.

When Zaira arrives on Zenwey, she finds the continent to be a mysterious and hostile environment. She must navigate her way past savage jungle warriors, fantastic creatures and terrors, and evil forces that have flying machines of their own. Before she can try to save Rislandia, she has to survive!

If you haven’t read book one, For Steam And Country, now would be a great time to do so and get acquainted with the characters of the book. If you’re new-new and not sure and just want to check out my writing in this world, my novella Knight Training is a great jumping on point that’s short and only 99 cents — low cost, low` time commitment, and action packed fun. For Steam And Country is also available on audio.





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One thought on “COVER REVEAL: The Adventures Of Baron Von Monocle Book 2: The Blood Of Giants

  1. Jon,, Very nice but as pretty as Zania is, I’d also like to see the airship 🙂 and some background action.
    But I really like it it’s stylish and simple.


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