Official Statement On The Personal Attacks In Dynamite Entertainment’s Centipede Book

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Last night I discovered that a print book of Atari’s Centipede property referenced me in multiple places by name in an effort to defame and diminish me as a comic creator and a human being. The most egregious of these statements was “Jon Del Arroz is a never was fat piece of shit who blames everyone but himself for his ineptness.”  Bounding Into Comics posted the relevant panels in the comic here. 

What letterer Taylor Esposito was hurtful, wrong, and about the most unprofessional thing I’ve ever seen come out of the industry. This book went out to hundreds of shops, and my name is now circulated in thousands of print books without my permission, and in a demeaning fashion. This sort of thing has no place in fandom, and is especially shocking to be done to a minority creator like myself. It is bullying, pure and simple.

Esposito owes me an apology.

However, I have been in contact with Dynamite Entertainment, who apologized themselves and said they were unaware of the situation and that it slipped past editorial by mistake. They also say it’s been corrected for the trade paperback edition. They also very cordially said they would support my Flying Sparks indiegogo effort as I’m trying to launch my own comic career.

I believe them.

It would have been very easy for Dynamite to ignore me and to let this go, but they in their quick response and quick taking action to remedy this are doing the right thing. The company was hoodwinked by a rogue contractor who has lost the trust of the entire industry by inserting personal animus into a book, and saying the most horrific things about a fellow creator. They understand this, they are doing what they can to make it right even though the hurtful damage has been done.

I do not want my fans and followers to boycott Dynamite or take any action to try to harm them. As I said, the company has been consummate professionals to me and I appreciate their efforts they’re going to to make this right. We do not want to be like our political opponents and go down the line of “an apology is not enough!” That sort of thing is what dehumanizes and hurts people for doing the right thing, and Dynamite is doing the right thing here.

Personally, I am supporting two Dynamite books monthly: Dejah Thoris and Swashbucklers. As you are aware if you read this blog, I always put my money where my mouth is. I will continue to buy these books and thank Dynamite again for their quick action they took in this matter.

If you want to support me, again, don’t hurt this company, but do support Flying Sparks, my IndieGoGo comic. It features art from a long time Dynamite artist, Jethro Morales, who worked on Dejah Thoris and Green Hornet. Despite the mistake in Centipede, this company is an ally.

Thank you everyone.

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6 thoughts on “Official Statement On The Personal Attacks In Dynamite Entertainment’s Centipede Book

  1. Copy. Wilco.
    Not the first time this has happened. Marvel had to fire an artist who slipped antisemitic, anti-Israel messages into the background of his art on an X-Men prohect.

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  3. Jon,

    The only way to get an apology is to go to court. I know it’s an burdensome expensive time suck but only when they lose serious money will the SJW be far more circumspect

    They literally committed identity theft by stealing your name to use in a comic. Then there are the civil violations against your person (personality right) and so on.
    I can only suggest this but you need to drop the hammer and go to court (or better yet a human right tribunal if they exist in your state) and nail them with exemplary damages along with the regular damages.
    It’s the only way sadly.


  4. To paraphrase a commenter on vile770, “these people ceded the high ground to Jon Del Arroz”. That is truly an impressive feat.

    To be fair, nothing in the hidden message is factually incorrect.

    • Right If Jon sucks so badly why did well established and well known comic book artists have to diss a total pretentious nobody?
      Let Jon make his comic book and see if it sells. If it does great; if not he’ll need to go to the drawing board.

      No big deal in the end but the comic pros feel so threatened. And begs the question why

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