Pray For My Safety At Worldcon

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Later today, I’m heading to Worldcon 76 in San Jose, the convention that made a proclamation as to my banning because I voiced safety concerns to them, and they decided to make a political statement by disregarding my safety concerns and instead attacked the victim, which has frankly led to my entire career being a danger to my person. From their position of authority, they justified the opinions of a few mentally ill people in the industry who have been rabble rousing about me for over a year.

Over the last few days, attacks have stepped up again in a massive way. Part of this is because I released my new book, The Blood Of Giants, and the industry people are very threatened by the success I’ve had so far. The other is an intimidation tactic to warn me to stay away from a public convention center on city property, to try to instill further fear in me that I’m going to be attacked if I arrive.

In a last attempt to communicate with Worldcon and see if they would act like adults, I voiced concerns again for safety as Mike Glyer posted to File 770 that there were people fantasizing of violence on his site. Worldcon did not show interest in making sure that violent people were kept out of their convention despite on their website having it say “we take all complaints seriously”. Only if your’e the “right” political persuasion, it appears. They refuse to even acknowledge my issues.

This is no surprise given the board member of the convention who voiced that they should be uncivil to conservatives, and made statements positing violence himself on his facebook page.

But it became worse on twitter the last two days. Several authors sent out tweets libeling me a Nazi or worse — and given the rhetoric these folk espouse of “punch a Nazi” and also given the attack on Jeremy Hambly at Gencon, there’s a very real danger to my person for simply showing up and trying to buy a ticket as I’m going to do today.

What I’m doing is the act of an average citizen exercising my civil rights to gather in a public square. I’m showing up to say I will not bow to intimidation tactics. I will not move to the back of the bus because you threaten me. I will not go to a different drinking fountain because you made a proclamation about me. It’s important, and as these threats increase, it becomes more important.

The problem is these people never even see a conservative in their real lives. They unfriended an disowned even their family who thinks differently than them. They have no clue we exist and are humans, and combined with the tendency to revel in fantasy worlds (as these are mostly fantasy/sci-fi types), they’ve convinced themselves they’re in some hero action movie where assaulting someone like me is a noble thing.

I really hope I’m wrong and that some folk will step up and as worldcon’s code of conduct says, “Treat people as you’d want others to treat your sister or brother.”

Will they be able to do that? We’ll find out. But I need your prayers. I’ll be broadcasting later today so make sure to watch my youtube/periscope for further details. They can’t stop the signal.

And make sure to support my efforts in civil rights and in the science fiction industry by picking up The Blood Of Giants, my new release yesterday. It’s by far the best book I’ve ever written. Action-packed, over the top adventure.

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