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I’m keeping myself very busy and got a lot going on. I posted this to my Facebook Group yesterday (join up!) so if you missed it, here’s where everything’s at:

Status updates:

The Fight For Rislandia: Complete
Justified: Complete 
Reach For The Stars: First Drafted
Alt-Hero Novel: 35% Edited
Sanctified: 15% first drrafted
The Stars Entwined 2: Outlined

Short Story Collection: Needs 1-2 more shorts written before releasing

Flying Sparks: Dialogue revisions done, waiting on last 1/3 for lettering, art done.
Flying Sparks volume 2: needs dialogue revisions, art done.
The Ember War: Issue 2 of 5 in coloring. Issue 3 being pencilled.
Dynamite Thor: Layouts being done. Script half drafted.
AI Wars: 3 pages done, first issue of 4 scripted.
Clockwork Dancer: 2 pages done, first issue of 4 scripted.
Astormancer Pisces Manga: 10% scripted, art concepts done.

Tentative release schedules:
Sept: The Fight for Rislandia, Ember War IndieGoGo
Oct: Alt-Hero Novel, Flying Sparks out to backers.
Nov: Short Story Collection

For now make sure to back Flying Sparks on IndieGoGo. Only a couple of more days to go and we can push this higher!


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