We’re Getting Too Big – They’re Coming Hard For Us

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But we need to hold our ground. Think about this: it’s been four months with more than a dozen wildly successful crowdfunded comics. This does not happen in crowdfunds, comics do not get this kind of publicity on average, the industry is shaken.

None of them can believe it. They keep trying to write this off as a one off fluke, or some sort of cash grab by people who won’t be able to deliver — but they’re making these excuses because we are making waves in culture more than ever before, and we’re on a precipice of busting up their already failed monopolistic system in the industry.

Most of you have already seen how there was a coordinated assault the last couple of days, just as Mitch Breitweiser’s Red Rooster and my Flying Sparks were coming to closes. Do you think the timing is coincidental? There’s no way it is. The attacks look scripted and coordinated. I believe it’s a matter of time until we find a Discord channel or Facebook group where these angry pros hang out and talk smack about smaller indie creators doing their thing. I believe we’ll even find directives to try to discredit us and hold us down from the highest levels. Remember, it’s not that long ago we found the facebook group where pros from Marvel/DC/Image/Valiant and others were conspiring to harass and goad Richard Meyer into throwing a punch at NYCC so he would be deemed violent and banned forever.

Everything the SJWs say about us is actually true about them. SJWs always project.

They are the ones trying to harass smaller creators out of the business. They’re targeting minorities and women in our movement especially because they can’t have the identity politics narrative evaporate on them. As our movement grows and expands and includes a lot of REAL diversity (including that of thought and opinion) it’s only going to get worse. They’re only going to lash out harder. It’s going to get nasty. Prepare yourself, and remind yourself it’s not personal — these people are scared that we’re usurping their careers and livelihoods, and for good reason with the support we’ve garnered from readers.

But we have the advantage. We have the tactical strategies to win. We have the products that are going to be fun. We have the moral high ground as well.

In the coming days, make sure to keep that moral high ground. Treat people with respect and love as Edwin Boyette likes to remind us. Do what you can, but don’t be afraid to defend yourself and your friends either. There’s going to be divisions between us as well, but we can’t let them overcome what this movement stands for: changing comics and culture for good.

If you didn’t back Flying Sparks yet, it’s still open on InDemand. I’m away at a wedding so I can’t do the print run until next week. You’ll have a little bit, but I’ll be closing out orders of T-shirts, Posters, and Hardcovers within just a few days. Check it out here.

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2 thoughts on “We’re Getting Too Big – They’re Coming Hard For Us

  1. I backed you already; please tell your fellow creators to PLEASE make a digital option available (PDF, CBR, CBZ, Kindle, whatever) so I can afford more.

    I’m not paying $25 every time a campaign starts! I don’t need the physical book, just a way to read it.

    Keep up the good fight.

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