The Anti-ComicsGate Industry Surge Is About Harassing And Scaring People

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I was shocked yesterday to see the attack on Alterna Comics, a small independent comic creator on the East Coast. They’ve been innovating within the industry by bringing back newsprint — making comic books affordable for everyone. I pick up their entire line and it’s usually between $6-10 a month just because of their titles being $1.50 each. It’s amazing!

They’ve been an apolitical group, really focusing on creating great comics in 3 different genres: sci-fi, horror, and an all ages line. It’s been really great all the way around. Best part is they’ve been working with smaller creators who don’t get political in their work, so it’s been a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the industry.

The industry can’t have that!

Yesterday, editor Jennifer de Guzman from DC Comics came after a SMALL PRESS INDIE PUBLISHER (emphasis intentional because this is mind-boggling), attacking him on twitter for NOT DENOUNCING READERS.

I’m serious. This is how far the comic industry has gone. She sicced him good, and riled up several other comic creators to say how disappointed they were in Alterna Comics for the simple act of producing comics, sticking with their guns of being politcs-free, and catering to readers. Alterna didn’t endorse any movements, they didn’t say anything that would signal one way or another, they weren’t even rude to the attacks on them, they simply said they value all readers who buy their comics.

And shouldn’t they?

Not in SJW world. SJWs would rather not have readers if they’re not the approved people, that’s been the whole point of comicsgate all along. Half the country doesn’t even have a single book by the big companies that is geared toward them. They don’t have a single representative within the writing community at these companies, and when one is outed, they never work there again.

Alterna simply says “we just are here to create comics. We love comics. Comics are for everyone.”

And that’s a major problem to the point where these SJWs have to shake them down.

They showed their true stripes this last weekend with this, and with a Marvel/DC artist sending pictures of his butthole publicly to Ethan Van Sciver and tagging him. This is the most unprofessional, disgusting industry where people would do that. These aren’t fans fed up with bad products, these are the top professionals trying to abuse and hurt people because they don’t like that there’s alternatives coming up to the work they’re putting out. They’re running scared and they’re getting abusive.

And they don’t seem to have anything else. All they have now is to try to harass us so hard that we disappear. What they don’t realize is, we’re not going to. It only makes us stronger. We are not afraid of them. We are comicsgate.

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18 thoughts on “The Anti-ComicsGate Industry Surge Is About Harassing And Scaring People

  1. Can you post links to the twitter conversation in question or at least put up a few screenshots. I thrive on information, but can’t verify this.

  2. Dude sent pictures . . . of his BUTTHOLE?


    Self-sabotage and unbridled narcissistic rage is a terrible combination. I’d feel worse for these people from a human sympathy/mental health perspective if they wren’t trying to ruin so many other people’s livelihoods.

    The amazing thing is that the ire of these nuts is directed at READERS WHO DISAGREE POLITICALLY WITH THEM. But when you’re delusional enough to honestly believe that everybody who disagrees with you is literally a goose-stepping Nazi, what do you expect?

    • Yeah, it’s absolutely disgusting that anticomicsgate is resorting to sexual harassment as their form of protest, considering they claim comicsgaters are the ones doing it. Congrats, you became the thing you pretend to fight against.

      It’s just like how antigamergate has over 70 rapists/pedophiles, a man who murdered his wife, an actual convicted terrorist, among them. They are everything they claimed gamergate was.

      • I think the anti-Comicsgate crowd also has a pretty heavy concentration of racists among their ranks as well.

        Something about certain types of people always projecting seems very appropriate here.

  3. This is the same thing that happened when word of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Creators Guild got out. As soon as these people found out we were going to be apolitical and not denounce “wrongthinkers” boy did they let loose the attack dogs.

    Isn’t stopping us. The paperwork is slowing us down – a lot – because that is what government red tape is really good at. But the SFFC Guild is going to stick to its guns and good on Alterna Comics for doing the same. They just picked up a new customer.

  4. Thanks to Richard for pointing me to the right places on twitter to look. Captured some links to relevant conversations and then took screenshots in case some of them got “disappeared.”

    At the risk of spamming, here’s the link. The latest info about the current issue is at the bottom of the comments section:

    Jon, I realize we don’t know each other, but did you really moon twitter?

    Alex, I don’t know if you’ll come back to read this comment, but your entire profile is “I write?”

      • You’re welcome and it was the first snarky thing I could think of. Remember, if a person isn’t a member of the Nazi party, they aren’t actually a Nazi, just someone you disagree with.

          • Ha. Oh, thanks for following my blog, but I have three separate WP blogs and you followed my religious one. I don’t mind, but you may have meant to follow “Powered by Robots,” which is where I wrote about Comicsgate. Just a thought.

  5. “Yesterday, editor Jennifer de Guzman from DC Comics came after a SMALL PRESS INDIE PUBLISHER (emphasis intentional because this is mind-boggling), attacking him on twitter for NOT DENOUNCING READERS.”

    They are afraid. Pure and simple, this is nothing but fear.

    “Be not afraid.”

    The SJWs won’t listen, but we must. Therefore, NO FEAR!

  6. Can’t believe the blue haired brigade tried to attack Peter Simeti. He is awesome and I love alterna. Bring back newsprint!

  7. Why the frak would anybody go for publishing comic books in newsprint when newsprint doesn’t last very long and isn’t as good as the current industry standard? I prefer the current industry standard because it’s good for scanning images from to use elsewhere as opposed to newsprint, which usually sucks.

    Also, I find this whole thing about being lectured to about racism, sexism, and querphobia from people like ‘Diversity & Comics’ and you (JDA) a load of bull, as people like yourself will want to stuff comic books with all white and all male characters and with all neoconservative thought on the issues, most of it quite likely supportive of Trump and company. If you want that, and if you (JDA) want to be supportive of bigotry and sexism while claiming to be for ‘freedom’ or whatever neoconservative nonsense, that’s fine by you and others like you, but not for me or anybody else that likes how DC, Marvel, Archie, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, etc. are advancing by acknowledging that minorities and women must be serviced and current issues must be discussed. Also, this whole idea of comics turning off readers is rich coming from neocons like you and the D&C guy considering Stan Lee and a lot of other creators at Marvel and DC were liberals, taked about liberal issues, and (in the case of Captain America) talked about and dealt with liberal issues, most notably Watergate (the whole storyline that saw him renounce being Captain America and becoming Nomad) and the Tea Party movement of whom you share political issues with (the recent storyline about him and the Falcon stopping neocon Tea Party terrorists lead by his unstable woiuld-be successor U.S. Agent from blowing up a convention with a train.) If you seriously expect that comic books will go back to (or become) what you and other neocon Trumpain Tea Partiers wnat to see as comic books, think again; times have changed, and that ship’s sailed. Also, I thgink that you and the D&C guy are overstating and exaggerating the low sales of comic books in an attempt to see the industry collaspe so that you and people like you can take over with your all-white, all-male and all neocon kind of superhero books that will be ‘apolitical’ only in that they will skew to the neocon side of issues.

    You and others like you are more than welcome to start your own thing-that’s fine and great by me, I like to see people do that instead of taking over things (something the emoprogressive Left needs to learn to do), but to expect mainstream comic books-read by everybody in (North) America and on the planet who aren’t just white retrogressives from the United States who can’t stand sociopolitical change-to ‘go back’ to what you remembered when you were younger and reading comic books, is wrong, and hopefully will not be as successful as you want it to be.

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