Will SFWA Act Like A Professional Organization This Time?

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Last week saw the end of my Flying Sparks IndieGoGo campaign, which has now made over $28,000. As a single work graphic novel, it by itself makes more money than most members of SFWA have made in writing in their entire lifetimes. Under the rules of the guild, a single qualifying work of $3,000 or more is needed to prove professional standards for an active membership.

Last December, I applied to SFWA based on other qualifications which were true and correct. The guild at the time decided to find an obscure rule which says they can not admit someone for “any reason”, and turned the guild from a professional organization, to a in-club of political shilling and a personal private club for a few of its members who hold personal animus against me over my political outspokenness.

They’ve had new board elections since that time, and so I decided with the close of the Flying Sparks campaign I would apply again, and see if they will act like a guild for professional writers this time.

It’s important that they do, because they represent as a group the science fiction publishing industry at large, I say industry, not “writing group” as this is supposed to be a club where it’s sales-based, to show that someone is actually making a career of this and to uplift other writers making careers of this, because it’s hard enough out there. I am doing this. I am succeeding despite several people trying to hold me down, to force me out of writing, to force me out of publishing, and blacklisting me.

SFWA’s membership committee must act right this time if they are to continue to be a writer’s guild in the future. End the personal hate nonsense and let’s move forward as professionals.

We’ll see how this goes. My application should be very quickly read and approved given how well I’m doing in the industry.

In the meantime, read my new book, The Blood Of Giants. It’s the best book I’ve ever written, is already getting great reviews, and is pure fun in the way science fiction is supposed to be. Check it out here.  And make sure to leave reviews!


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