The Breitweisers Back Out Of Convention Because Of Unsafe Environment

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Conservative creators have had issues at conventions for about a year now. It started with Worldcon 76’s unwillingness to protect me despite the fact that I had credible threats against me, which I sent to them and, instead of taking actions to help authors creators, they banned me because of my outspoken political views.

This opened a cascade of conventions treating professionals on the right side of the aisle as inhuman:

  • Actor Kevin Sorbo was threatened that he was not allowed to attend East Coast Comic Con because he was friends with Sean Hannity.
  • John Ringo was removed from ConCarolinas after they refused to keep him safe from SJW attack mobs.
  • Larry Correia was removed from Origins Game Fair, despite having a very popular RPG coming out for his books, because of SJW hate mobs descending on him.
  • Jeremy Hambly, known as The Quartering, was sucker punched at GenCon by an extreme left wing activist game designer. GenCon started banning people who even asked them questions about the incident from their chats, and they went on to promote the game by the designer who punched him during the convention, instead of taking action to remove the threat.

The message is clear: conventions are not safe for conservative creators, the attempts to keep us out and away from meeting and interacting with fans is escalating toward violence, and conventions actually take the side of the violent perpetrators rather than the professionals who are just trying to sell books.

It’s making it nearly impossible to have public appearances.

Meanwhile, the creators on the left who say the most horrific things, threaten violence online, rile up hate mobs are all treated as if they’re the most important people in the room.

It’s no wonder Mitch and Elizabeth Breitweiser, creators of the very popular Red Rooster comic, feel like they will be unsafe at this con that’s coming up, especially given strange videos on the internet by people who are saying they’re going to “confront” comicsgate creators. There’s a cosplayer who uses her entire twitter account to threaten harassment of right wing pros, and let’s not forget last year when industry professionals themselves threatened Richard C. Meyer to try to harass him out of New York Comic Con.

Conventions need to step up their commitment to authors and creators, because we are the draw. The fans want to see us, to hang out with us, and we want to give back to the fans as well. But in this environment where conventions won’t even acknowledge the threats and violence done to this side of the political aisle — seeming to take these positions because they agree with violence or worse being done to us — it’s making the environment worse. Convention organizers need to step up and say they will protect all guests from violence and harassment, no matter the political persuasion, and make clear statements so fandom can be safe for us in the future.

In The Blood Of Giants, Zaira Von Monocle travel to a foreign continent and findsĀ  the environment is anything but safe. But she has no choice to remove herself because her kingdom back home is on the line if she doesn’t find a cure to the strange super-soldier serum the Wyranth have been ingesting. Read the book here and see what everyone’s saying is my best book to date.

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2 thoughts on “The Breitweisers Back Out Of Convention Because Of Unsafe Environment

  1. The Breitweisers should never have to fear being in public or to participate in an event where their fans are gathering. Security and police should make no distinction regarding political views when it comes to preventing violence.

    Perpetrators of such violence should be shown no mercy by the courts. Civil actions should be taken against any SJW scum that threaten to and actually commit violence. Civil suits should move forward with the intent to bankrupt perpetrators for the remainder of their lives.

    As a high point to this dark story, SJW trash are making supporting independent comics creators easier by the day. The ones that SJWs target are the ones that get my money.

    SJW writers/artists/letterers/water-carriers who bag on independent creators tag themselves as cretins who don’t get my money. Big Corps that don’t pull tight the leashes on their mad dogs also don’t get my money — for any of the companies under their umbrella.

    SJWs demand a binary world. Let’s give them their binary world.

    “Don’t give money to people who hate you.”

  2. Man of the atom,

    Agreed. I think civil pursuits are necessary. Once these people are bankrupted and/or their employers have to pay massively for their employees misconduct, the fanatics will soon cease to harrass. and the world will become a better place


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