Did Zoe Quinn Defraud Kickstarter Backers?

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Yesterday the internet started blowing up at Chuck Tingle, the silly erotica author who we all know from his ridiculous book titles. At the beginning of 2017, he partnered with Zoe Quinn to make a video game based on his book series. They did this on Kickstarter and raised about $85,000. All looked okay for the first year of waiting… but curiously, updates stopped coming to backers at January 2018.

Customers started to ask Chuck Tingle what gives.

Bizarrely, Tingle started to lash out at fans, sending weird all caps rants that he has nothing to do with any video game and that they shouldn’t be bothering him.

But if that’s the case, what happened with this kickstarter? There is documentation online where Quinn asks Tingle if she can make the game, he says yes, and the kickstarter’s theme looks very in line with his properties. It’s all very odd.

There must have been substantive pressure put on Quinn by Tingle and fans from this because she eventually addressed the matter by making a rambling tweet thread about it:

This is the interesting tweet, in which Quinn admits she blew through all the money on the kickstarter. She doesn’t elaborate how, and why it would cause such a problem when it vastly exceeded the goal. Didn’t she know how much it would cost to make this? It’s very odd, and the game itself didn’t look to have much depth to it or appear to be something that would take all that much time. This was a silly thing after all. So how two years and $85k later can someone go broke and “still be working on it” with absolutely nothing to show to backers on progress?

Instead of owning up to her having spent the money and not made the game, she immediately went to identity politics. This is a standard way for her to operate and for the SJWs in all entertainment industries when they fail to deliver products because they are typically focused on themselves and not actually producing their content. We see this in comics with B. Clay Moore’s comic Kickstarter where he also ran out of money to produce the book. The stories are the same, there’s always a lot of excuses. Is Quinn even a minority or a marginalized person though? She brags on the same thread about having a book tour and a hugo award nomination. It seems like the establishment cultural elite have completely accepted her… despite her failure to deliver. And with the amount of press that Polygon and others gave to hype this video game, you’d think they’d be slightly concerned for their readers that they pushed into backing this? I’ll hold my breath waiting for an article on this from them.

It’s conjecture as to what Quinn did with the money or if she will ever deliver a game at this point, but if I were a backer, I’d be livid. Especially given the next posts where she says she’s too busy vacationing overseas and having fun and talks about how great her life is despite the “trolls” by which she defines as customers who want their product she didn’t deliver:


Remember, if you want a product that you paid for and didn’t get, you’re sapping her joy in bad faith.

What a bizarre world in which we live. And remember, this is who DC Comics now hires to make their books. People who are mired in identity politics who hate their own customers. How much longer will DC last?

I produce what I say I’m going to produce, by contrast. Flying Sparks is already done. I’m waiting on some of the high rezz file and we’ll be getting to the printer immediately. There won’t be a long wait for this book. You can still late back on IndieGoGo here. You’ll see what professionalism and real delivery looks like by contrast to the above.

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13 thoughts on “Did Zoe Quinn Defraud Kickstarter Backers?

  1. So, wait. She “ran out of money” and “had to get day job(s),” but she’s got enough cash (or enough credit and bad judgment) to “goof off” in freaking Tokyo?


    • It’s Zoe’s typical bullshit, Julie. She’s much like others we know that have been attacking Jon of late, after all. All splash and flash…and absolutely no substance. About like the unicorn farts they so cherish and chase after…

  2. Jon, I would think from a strategy point of view, you wouldn’t want to draw attention to people defrauding crowd funding avenues.
    Just my two cents…

    • Wow, Hausman, you must have some hot info to share! Quick, tell us now so we can get onto File 770 and share! We can defund Jon now, right? Right? I mean you got the GOODS on him. Right, Hausman?

      Or maybe Hausman is just another trash-talking, lying little cretin in the SJW-SFWA vein: dime-a-dozen little gossiping freaks.

      Decisions, decisions.

      Hausman, from “a strategy point of view” you might want to consider Lincoln’s advice in the future. But then, “___” always double down.

        • Unless you’re one of the parties, that’s, legally speaking, supposed to *NOT* be discussed.

          But then, you don’t seem to be overly clever or the brightest bulb in the string, DO YOU?

          In the end, the proof will be in the pudding…either he provides his indiegogo or not- it’s investing, really, not buying things in the normal sense. Zoe seems to have fell through and there was a bit of a bad investment there…but then, I would kind of consider that to be an aphorism, really.

          I’d have never backed Zoe. I did back Jon several times and so-far he’s delivering not only what he promised, but more books and at a much higher rate than before.

          Something I daresay YOU don’t have a claim to.

          Keep your BS to yourself.

  3. She should hook up with Chris Roberts and they can learn from each other. She can learn how to get and blow $$millions instead of a lousy $85K, and he can learn how to blame things on being a marginalized person which is about the only thing he hasn’t tried yet.

  4. This should give Chuck plenty of material for his next book, “Pounded in the Butt By My Fraudulent Kickstarter Campaign Partner As She Stole All the Money (in Space).”

  5. Jon,

    This the same Zoe Quinn at the heart of Gamer gate? I read the that thread. TL;DR she has much explaining to do….in court. Another lesson:jealously guard your intellectual property .


  6. The thought of Zoe flipping burgers and messing up coffee orders fills me with glee.

    But some other sjw probably gave her a make work job.

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