Love Everybody Always

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Kanye West earlier this year really changed my life. When he came out with several tweets urging people to say I love you, to make love the new normalized instead of hate, that spoke to me. That is Christ’s message in a nutshell and that is how we’re going to make a long-term impact that goes beyond just now.

Fights online, mobbing and attacking people… what does that do? One, it just makes everyone involved angry and resentful. Two, the optics of the situation are so bad that the person you’re mobbing against usually comes out with a bigger and stronger base of support than before because normal people tuning in see the ugliness that’s going on.

I saw Bob Goff speak last night, and his message too is to love everybody always. It’s a powerful message and he’s an extremely charismatic speaker. But it means working on it in earnest. It means reaching out. It means trying to act in good faith love and caring about people.  And not just people who it’s easy to care about. It’s simple to care and love your friends. We’re called to love people who disgust us, who make us feel weird to be around. That’s the hard part.

A movement I started has really turned into an online outrage mob, one like I’ve seen several times in different arenas from politics to sci-fi. It’s really easy to get sucked into it. It’s really easy to go out there and attack and not realize you’re part of something that’s snowballing into nasty comments, death threats, etc. We don’t see it because one, usually the direct people around us aren’t engaging in it to that extreme, and we don’t see the overwhelming combined effect it has on a person. It’s hard to notice until it happens to a friend, or to you.

For a movement to thrive and move forward for what it’s intended (any movement), it’s going to have to be about more than hate. It’s going to have to drop the hate entirely. I call on my friends, fellow creators, fans, and everyone to look at things this way:

  1. Don’t go on YouTube streams and descend into smack talk about people / gossip. The streaming’s fine, but keep it topical. It’s a bad look to have hours of content saying bad things about individuals.
  2. Watch what you post. Think about the person you’re posting about. Are they in a position where they’re hurting and you’re just making it worse?
  3. Look at your actions. Are they out of love? Can you truly say that? If it’s not, it needs to be reevaluated.

Think about it. Think about people you’re outraged at or hate. Say “I love ______” aloud. It’s weird, isn’t it? But it needs to be done. This is the only real way to affect change for the positive.

And if you see something, speak out. Say “we shouldn’t be doing this guys.” When one person does it against a mob, it’s hard. If a lot of people do, the mob is no longer a mob. It goes away.

I’m definitely guilty of not loving everybody always, but I’m doing my best to try to make a difference. We’re never going to be perfect as humans, but the least we can do is try.

Zaira and her crew try very hard to love her people, and even her enemies as she seeks a cure for the giant’s blood serum withdrawals in The Blood Of Giants. Check it out here.

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4 thoughts on “Love Everybody Always

  1. Yeah, Jon, you are just SOOOOO loving…..

    “Go concern troll somewhere else, sperg.”
    “I love sperg SJW trolls on the blog.”

    Referencing Muslims: “I support their forceable conversion to Christianity.”

    “I can see plenty of times where God is racist…”

    “Commence Operation: Troll the Shit Out of SJW Sci-Fi Authors on Twitter. If you want to participate, ping me. I’ll start a chat.”

    “His side and his cohorts defend pedophiles and destroy anything precious in western civilization.”

    “The reason the freaks are so intent on gatekeeping the industry’s professionals and the stories they write is so they can promote their degenerate lifestyles without question.”

    “You’re a miserable mentally ill person.”

    Just a very few examples of your loving attitude, Jon. Wow, you’re such an inspiration. Really.

  2. Thank you for addressing this latest drama in CG on your lunch stream and blog. While I was confused and frustrated at this unnecessary conflict, I trusted that you would provide clarity.

    I don’t know all the back story to this conflict but I saw who started the hate fest. I’ll continue to support those who deliver what they’ve promised and let the haters go they’re way.

    I don’t know that I can love those who are hateful or worse, but I can work to remove hate from my responses to them. I’ve had to do that for decades while working with troubled children.

  3. It all boils down to the concept that for a “movement” to become a movement and succeed, it needs to based and founded on standing for something rather then in opposition. (SJWs, progs, etc.)

    The “right”, whatever that means nowadays with how terms are flung around needs joy. It needs to be about more than lulz, cheap shots, and YouTube videos about how Cenk Ugyur or some other progressive talking head got pwned.

    Jacobite Mag had a good article on this subject:

    If we dwell in the deep dark depths with monsters, we can and do become just like them. At some point, we can’t let them drag us down.

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