Cover Reveal: The Fight For Rislandia

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I’ve been working my TAIL off this year producing a lot of books, getting everything going. One of my main goals for 2018 was to be able to see The Adventures Of Baron Von Monocle into a trilogy. It’s been my best seller so far, with For Steam And Country winning an award for CLFA Book Of The Year, Knight Training (novella) becoming a #1 Amazon Bestseller, and The Blood Of Giants becoming a #1 New Release. It’s a wild ride… kinda like flying on an airship in a fantasy land!

We’ve seen Zaira get thrust into a world and a war and have to step up in the face of danger. We’ve seen her adventure and try to save her land from the out of control Wyranth soldiers, gone into a berserker rage from their super soldier serum. Now… Zaira has to become a leader in the face of war.

And here’s the cover:

As it appears, this book takes a bit of a darker turn. It’s the middle of a war. Zaira isn’t just fighting for her life, but the lives of all Rislandians.

The Fight For Rislandia will be released sometime around the end of September. I’ll have a final date shortly. For now, catch up on the series. Click on the book cover for the amazon link:

Book One:

Book 1.5 (Novella from James’ Perspective):

Book 2:

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6 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: The Fight For Rislandia

  1. I like the new cover. I’ve been watching you but can’t comment on Facebook. Liked the 2nd book. Left review. The name of the wizard sounds suspicious. For steam and country

  2. I tweeted this on my twitter account. The reason why people are being blocked from this blog is because someone got your site labeled as a spam or virus site on one of the sources used for the virus protection programs.
    If you can find out which site the block is coming from, they -should- have a record of who submitted it.

    I hate the fact that Censorship has become highly prevalent on the internet, but it’s not governments doing the censoring, it’s corporations.

  3. Jon,

    Congrats. Will you continue the story? I’d like to know what happens in the post war period. It’d be nice to see Zanria grow and become the new Baroness

      • Jon,

        Thanks for the update. Will you do a comic book version of the trilogy? And will you offer a bundle of the trilogy? I’m a fan of boxed sets; get my fix immediately 🙂


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