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I don’t really have time to look into a blog topic today, so I’ll give another projects update cuz I’m working my tail off over here:

Flying Sparks is done-done-done. The pages are currently being formatted for print, I think I’ve finally caught all the typos in it. It’ll be nice to get this going. Posters have been printed. T-shirts are in printing process and if all goes right I’ll have all the books and everything at my office and ready for shipping by the end of the month.

The Ember War launches next week, same creative team as Flying Sparks. This one isn’t done, but is something in process as I’ve talked about before. It’s Richard Fox’s epic military science fiction adapted into comic form. I don’t love having to run an Indiegogo before Flying Sparks gets out the door, but we need to get that rolling timing wise for Richard’s schedule.  This is going to be 120 pages. Graham Nolan, the famed Batman artist, will be doing the cover.  Art is 40% complete on the whole project. I’m currently about 70% done writing it. Aiming to get it to people in march 2019.

The Fight For Rislandia – the conclusion to my steampunk trilogy is being read by a couple folk to check for typos. It’s all done should be released around the end of the month.

Alt- Hero novel is in with Vox for editing.

My short story collection is being edited as well. I need to write one more story for that to get that done, anticipate November release.

And I have several other novels and comics on the backburner at the moment. Hope to get to those soon.

For now, pick up For Steam And Country and its sequel The Blood of Giants. I’m excited for the trilogy to conclude! It might be more action than you can handle 😉

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    • You know, that’s one thing we can basically agree on. I despise a lot of the things Jon has done, but give credit where credit is due — he works hard!

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