God Is Great And Always Provides

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I can’t talk the specifics of a situation because I don’t want this to turn into a “I was pious so the Lord helped me” kind of thing, as I certainly had nothing to do with events, so it’s best to keep it in vague terms.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been under tremendous pressure from a lot of sources, comprised of people and events that wanted to bring me down, tear down everything i created and cause me despair.

At times, trials can get overwhelming. We’ve all been there. We’ve all had issues where we thought we wouldn’t come out the other side, but these trials are there for a purpose. To grow us, to help us change, to groom us into instruments for God’s greater glory.

Like I said before, it looked overwhelming, but things have actually gotten better than ever before. God revealed Himself in instances where I couldn’t have even have imagined, and putting trust in Him for His plan was the right call. It’s always the right call.

I was speaking to a friend on Saturday about the situation, and she told me about her own. It was a big trial for her, something far more important than I’ve been going through. She told me she had trouble trusting God when it came to her child because in school there’s so many influences where things can go wrong and her instinct is to panic as a mother. I told her she had to. God is bigger than the school. God is bigger than the government. God is bigger than kids going astray or bullying. We literally cannot lose. His plan will always come to pass in the greater scheme.

I hope that helped her as those thoughts helped me this last week. Big things are coming, and He is due his rightful praises. It’s a week to rejoice and love. But then, even the weeks where the trials seem overwhelming are times to rejoice and love as well.

Thanks everyone for your tremendous support through thick and thin. I appreciate it. If you haven’t yet, make sure to pick up The Blood of Giants. I’m hard at work this week  prepping Flying Sparks for print, getting The Ember War ready for next week, and going over a final pass of the trilogy conclusion. Buy The Blood Of Giants here.

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One thought on “God Is Great And Always Provides

  1. Someone who isn’t afraid to bring up God’s influence in everyday life. In a post Christian society, where materialist atheism is the dominant religion, that’s a brave act. My congratulations.

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