Fighting The Left And Their Lack Of Morals

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It’s a very hard road, and that’s why most people tend to stay out of the fray. As we’ve seen with Brett Kavanaugh, the objective is destroy a person completely and utterly FIRST, and find any narrative that will corroborate that narrative (not prove, just paint it), along the way.

I’m very bothered with the way SFWA has acted over the last year, and especially with their new tacit approval of child doxxing. As a person with standards, I tried to handle all of this privately first, from the time their president actually went after me to try to personally destroy me, to everything since.

But as SFWA is a left wing organization, and I’m an actual victim of something pretty atrocious that someone was doing in an effort to scare me out of being a vocal conservative in the science fiction sphere. It shows how everything these folk do from “believe the victim” to any investigation they do is done completely disingenuously.

Think about it. The first thing they should have done when they heard that my children were doxxed by fans of one of their members and that it’s causing bad perception problems for their club should have been to reach out to me to ask how they could repair that or help me. That’s the right thing to do. But their objective isn’t to get to the bottom of anything, to hold any consistency whatsoever in their rulings or to act as professional science fiction writers — their objective was to harm me and my standing in the community first, and use whatever means possible to do that.

They chose the tackiest, ugliest response which was to act as if this was totally okay and I’m somehow at fault for making an accusation about it and bringing it to light. Why? Because it shows the ugliness that the extreme left is willing to go to in this culture war to try to harm and diminish conservatives. The objective was just snipe at me first, they didn’t even look at what they’re saying in order to do it.

It must be horrible to operate that way because it’s gotta eat at someone’s soul to be acting like that at the time. But being a target of it is about as awful as it gets as well. I’ve endured it for a long time from these people who are so morally repugnant that they’ll act like I’m somehow dangerous or to be shunned because they are covering up a crime against me.

And this happens all the way through culture, up from the Supreme Court Nominations, down to just the fans of books who aren’t approved. A lot of the time we can’t make headway because we have morals and standards and they know it, and so they use it against us.

But I won’t stop speaking out. I can’t be quiet when an organization acts like this and I hope you’ll join me in spreading the word. There’s a few bullies in there who are in charge of this organization, and they have to be stopped if we’re going to have a healthy culture.

Also back The Ember War, my new IndieGoGo military science fiction. It’s based on a book who’s a member of SFWA and who is appalled by their behavior. Since I work with their members, why does the club want to harm the reputation of their own members by harming me ? Makes you think. But you should check it out.


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13 thoughts on “Fighting The Left And Their Lack Of Morals

  1. What gets me is that when someone has proven they will never (a) fight fair, (b) declare a truce, or (c) see anyone on the other end of an argument or disagreement as a human being worthy of existing, why so many still grovel and seek acceptance.

    Like modern-day philosopher Neil Peart wrote in the lyrics to “Wish Them Well”:

    “Thank your stars you’re not that way
    Turn your back and walk away
    Don’t even pause and ask them why
    Turn around and say goodbye”

    In all seriousness, this applies to ANYONE behaving in this way. I am utterly dumbfounded by the stunning lack of self-awareness on the part of the people who started this culture war now saying, “Oh, so the other side doesn’t see any compromise? They don’t want to find common ground? They really see this as a tribal, factional, us-versus-them with no middle ground possible and no quarter given? I’m shocked, shocked!”

    Well, yeah dummies. Just taking a page out of your playbook.

    • Except that Jon is lying, Alex. In reality, his children were never doxxed in the first place.

      But, of course, Jon doesn’t want you to know that. Big surprise!

      • Hmmmm. I’ve tried twice now to post the URLs that prove Jon’s children weren’t doxxed — but those posts got blocked both times. Gee, I wonder why?

        Let’s try this: here’s just one of those URLs, proving that the condition of Jon’s son was actually publicly posted in a PRESS RELEASE several years ago:

        https:// http://www.lodinews. com/news/article_8c99bbaa-a998-5534-968f-47e3f314ce23.html

        Let’s see if this posts!

  2. So there has been talk about walking away and why we just keep showing up and taking the vitriol.
    The answer is so simple it’s almost silly.
    If we “just walk away” we have to cede everything we care about, including the Supreme Court, our country, our freedom, etc.
    I’m sure the fighting left would be delighted for us to just walk away. That’s how we lost most of our institutions and moral standards to these hyenas in sheep’s clothing. Walking away is ceding the field. And it has been failing us for 30 years at least.
    So want to just give up? Yes that’s exactly what they want. Im not willing to pay my freedom in exchange for the illusion of safety.
    Run away and they will find you and come at you again. There is literally nowhere to run. So we stand in place and resist.

  3. Well, that’s a step forward — it did post, but the URL got garbled. Let’s try that again:

    https:// www .lodinews .com/news/article_8c99bbaa-a998-5534-968f-47e3f314ce23.html

    Just remove the spaces and it should work.

    Second URL, regarding Periscope — it seems as though Jon may have the URL blocked for this one. Gee, I wonder why?

  4. Contrarius,

    Thanks for the sperging. Now do you have ACTUAL EVIDENCE about Jon’s lies? Actual proof that you can take to a lawyer and is actionable?

    If not you’re just slandering someone you have an animus towards.

    So go to a lawyer or shut up and go.


    • @Xavier —

      Can you not follow a URL?

      By definition, mentioning a medical condition that Jon has himself previously revealed publicly is not doxxing. QED, Jon is lying.

      And why in the world would I want to take it to a lawyer? I don’t think anyone takes Jon seriously enough to bother taking him to court over his lies.

      • Well you’re so hot and bothered that you sperged out of your way to label him a liar parsing a URL. You sure come across wanting to sic a lawyer on him.
        Seriously why do you even bother coming here? You have such an animus towards Jon so what’s your goal?
        Go elsewhere because this trolling is unpalatable

        • @Xavier —

          LOL. That search took all of 30 seconds, Xavier. I feel really sorry for you if you consider 30 seconds’ worth of research to be “sperging out of my way”. 😉

          Sometimes the truth stings, Xavier. The best way to avoid that sting? Don’t start lying in the first place.

          • Again. Why do you come here? You’re motivated by an animus. If Jon is so detestable so immormal so despicable why do you bother coming here?
            Surely you have far better things to do?

          • Xavier, if you don’t already understand the importance of honesty, there’s not much I can do for you now. Your parents should have taught you that lesson many years ago.

  5. Thanks for patronizing me.. I’m sure your conscience is at rest now the meantime, why do you post since you have an animus towards Jon?

  6. @Xavier —

    “why do you post since you have an animus towards Jon?”

    That’s a complete non sequitur, Xavier. You might as well ask, “Why does Jon post since he has an animus towards the SFWA?”

    My posts have the virtue of being truthful. Sadly, the same can’t be said for Jon’s.

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