Last Day For Steam And Country Sale

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Last week I launched the conclusion to the Adventures of Baron Von Monocle trilogy, the Fight For Rislandia. This week, both books one and two are on sale, and For Steam And Country is only 99 cents.

This is the perfect time to pick up all three books in the series and get in if you haven’t already.

For Steam And Country:  ONLY 99 CENTS ONE DAY!

The Blood Of Giants: (ON SALE 2.99)

The Fight For Rislandia: 

People are already asking if there will be more — I don’t have anything left in the stash, this is everything I wrote for the series. I’ve got a trilogy I’m working on, 2 alt-hero novels to release, a tie-in for The Stars Entwined, a short story collection and several comics in the pipeline. It’ll be a sec but with how well Knight Training did, I certainly will be doing a follow up to that. James’ 2nd adventure will overlap chronologically with The Fight For Rislandia. Eventually I want to do a wiki for the series, will probably need some help with that.

Hope you enjoy! And make sure to leave reviews, especially for the later books! They need to catch up.

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