The Comics Industry Blacklist

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I’ve already done a periscope video on this but I was quite amused to see a circulating blacklist from industry insiders. it’s fairly extensive already. I wonder how big it’s going to have to grow before they realize we ARE the industry:

Interesting at the very least. And also interesting there’s a number of personalities like Megan Fox, Ian Miles Cheong who don’t even MAKE comics. I’m happy that my sci-fi author friends L. Jagi Lamplighter, Larry Correia, and Michael Z Williamson made the list even though they’re not involved in comics in the least either. Their works are definitely worth checking out and I hope it leads to some sales for them. I suspect they’re on the list BECAUSE they’re my friends, but either way… it’s nice to see them getting some respect.

Lists like this only succeed in baking us the “bad boys” worth checking out. We are the new punk rock, I keep saying. We’re taking the risks. We’re whistleblowing on in the industry, we’re creating the exciting new content that the readers really want but they can’t get from establishment publications.

It’s very exciting stuff. On the other hand, Bleeding Cool seems to be the first to admit there’s something to this industry sea change. Rich Johnston interviewed Vox Day this morning and I found this to be a very interesting comment to him: “You’re not an outsider hoping for a seat at the establishment table anymore. You did it, you’re in.”

It’s hard to deny the sales of his work and those associated with him. We’re upending the industry and we’re very effective. And that’s why we’re both so hated and loved simultaneously. But Bleeding Cool is a big bell weather. The times they are a changin’.

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2 thoughts on “The Comics Industry Blacklist

  1. Don’t forget in that same Bleeding Cool interview with Vox, Mr. Seifert asserted that there WAS no blacklist of professionals in the comics industry based on their politics, and even tried to make the strange claim that, sincere Ike Perlmutter of Marvel is a powerful Republican and is a detail-oriented control freak, such blacklisting is impossible at Marvel. A bizarre assertion that makes no logical sense when the evidence Seifert ignored can be brought up relatively easily.

  2. Speaking of bizarre assertions, how do we know there is a blacklist? Jon could have typed this list up himself. We literally don’t know that he did or didn’t.

    I’ll take Seifert’s word, corroborated by Vox’s, over Jon’s baseless claim.

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