Still Not Tired Of Winning: Ember War Edition

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People have told me don’t do this, don’t do that for my entire artistic career. I get warned constantly about my memes being too spicy, or my journalism being too on target, or being at the center of conflicts where I’m defending free speech, or associations with different friends who are helping fight the culture war. I’ve been warned from day one never to be who I am or say what I believe, and I have to keep reminding everyone who reads: those warnings are all pointless.

There’s naysayers everywhere. People root for you to fail in life. It’s a really bizarre thing. I don’t know if it’s human nature to be negative, jealousy, different combinations of events, but “You can’t do it. You didn’t build this.” seems to be a common theme among non-creators and non-influencers. It feels like literally with every project I have to go out and prove them wrong.

And we did so again. After losing support of a lot of YouTuber ecelebs, people warned me this campaign was never going to make it. I was confident that we had the best product out there with a great art team and a wonderful story by Dragon Award winner Richard Fox. I believed in The Ember War because of how awesome it is, and it’s turning out even cooler in comic form than I expected. Here’s a preview from issue 3 of the book that hasn’t been released anywhere yet:

Just super fun robots vs. drones. You can’t lose with that kind of a story. And we crossed over the $20,000 threshold this weekend without any media coverage outside of Boudning Into Comics, and very little YouTube support. It’s interesting watching the metrics on my end because I see exactly what this means for both the independent comics movement out there, and for future projects. It means we’re going onward and upward and we are creating a REAL revolution here.

There’s still time to back The Ember War. Get a great graphic novel, 120 pages of epic content, and let your voice be heard in the industry.

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