Busy Month!

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I don’t really have a blog topic today because I’m a million miles and hour on all my projects, which are super numerous. I have to figure out how to get the blog off of the malware warning lists too cuz it’s really hampering traffic (and haven’t had time to look into that too much).

I’m trying to put in finishing touches on my short story collection here which i’m hoping to get out in time for Christmas for everyone, which is taking priority. The stories are showing up on my Patreon, link up top for those who want to check out my work early.

Make sure to check out the Lunch Stream in the meantime. Subscribe and get our count up, costs nothing there, we’re growing very nicely on the content. But In lieu of blog typing I can do some nice talking over lunch 🙂 .

And only 48 hours left on The Ember War. Get it while it’s hot!!!


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2 thoughts on “Busy Month!

  1. I was able to get it off one list a week or two ago. From filing the ticket to the list update being pushed is/was longer than I expected.

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