They’re Worried About Civil War

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I saw rumblings in the last 24 hours in left science fiction author circles worried about a coming civil war. They should be worried. They keep pushing toward that.

It’s been amazing just watching the last two years, how they actively pushed me out social media, then the circles where I hung out with them… then they actively pushed me out of public events where I’d even be around them. And I know it’s happened a lot similarly to people who read this blog.

The laws of SJWs are true, they always do keep doubling down. Always do keep pushing harder, no matter the results. I keep wondering at what point these old friends and writing circles will come back and just start talking to me… but they can’t. They can’t see anything other than just HATE ORANGE MAN, because they don’t interact with anyone else at this point who even has a moderate sense of what’s going on in the world.

And yet we keep winning. We won the presidency, won the supreme court, are winning in crowdfunding with comics, winning on amazon with bestsellers… there’s no downside over here. Yet none of them see it!

They’re worried about cviil war. And they should be. If they come out fighting like they think they’re going to do (because they’re stuck in movie land), they’re going to have a bad time against this fully armed and operational battlestation.

I suppose the next step is just to work harder and get bigger again so they will have to see it. Let’s see if I can come out with more books next year than I can this year!  And please don’t forget to vote in the midterms.

In the meantime, make sure to pick up The Fight For Rislandia if you haven’t already, or review it. Got a full trilogy out this year and it’s awesome!

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One thought on “They’re Worried About Civil War

  1. “they actively pushed me out social media”

    Jon, Jon, Jon.

    Yet again, quoting your own words from Gab:

    “Commence Operation: Troll The Shit Out Of SJW Sci-Fi Authors On Twitter. If you want to participate, ping me. I’ll start a chat.”

    You have only yourself to blame for the reception you got, Jon. Stop trying to blame everyone else for your own actions.

    “winning on amazon with bestsellers… ”

    Ummmm. Have you looked at your sales rankings lately??

    Your Kindle rankings today:

    Knight Training — #281,386
    The Fight for Rislandia — #315,523
    Blood of Giants — #246,031
    For Steam and Country — #120,613
    The Stars Entwined — #443,284


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