20Books Day 2

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I think my highlight of my day was getting lunch with Jay Allan, one of the best Military Science Fiction writers in the field. He was extremely gracious and let me hammer him with marketing questions the whole time. Super great guy.

Other than that, I think Dean Wesley Smith’s talk was probably the most motivational. For those who don’t know, he is MR PULP SPEED. he writes books so fast he probably wrote two in the time it’s taken you to read this short of a blog so far. He hammered the pulp mindset of releasing books fast, just writing, trusting your creative vision. Don’t WORRY if it’s too over the top, just have fun with it and go. And that’s the way to keep yourself motivated, keep yourself doing anything — I think this goes for writing, or anything for that matter. If you just trust your instincts and have fun, you’ll be far more productive in all your endeavors in life, no matter what it is.

There was a nice amazon marketing course in the afternoon that delved into facebook ads and the like. It was a little surface level and fast and I’d like a little more in depth. Maybe I’ll hunt the guy down and get some good info from him before the course is over.

3– support the blog, youtube, books, short stories. There’s gonna be a lot of content dropping this month so you’ll want to get in now!

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