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I actually FORGOT to blog this morning. I’ve been getting packages out for my Flying sparks campaign. I got about 50% of the domestic trade paperbacks out yesterday and have got all the shipping ready to get the other 50% out today… then onto my far-too-long international list which is going to be a lot more complicated, but I’ll figure it out.

It’s been crazy burning the candle at both ends packing books all night, shipping in the morning,working during the day, still getting writing done, but we’re making it work!

Another thing I’ve been working on is getting my short story collection ready. I’m waiting on an introduction from a great friend, but the edits are done on the stories, I’ve written brief blurbs on how the stories came to be individually, and we’re ready to go as soon as that’s in. I teased the cover of the book on Monday on social media, but it’s here if you missed it:

The book will be available for Patreon supporters FIRST, which should be in the next couple of days, and then we’ll put it up for general release probably around Black Friday or the next week so everyone can get a copy for the holidays. The back cover is going to feature the best blurbs from industry authors who have given their testimonials about me, such as:

“Tiresome and insulting,” – John Scalzi
“Boorish.” – J. Michael Straczynski

“I don’t like you. Go away.” – Ethan Van Sciver.”

“A septic diaper.” – Chuck Wendig

And more! It’ll be a great piece for your shelf because of that and this beautiful, triggery cover.

Get in on Patreon now to make sure you get yours early. We have fun stories in here including one co-written with S. Misanthrope — was we’ve been teasing on our Lunch Stream for weeks. It’s HILARIOUS.


“Forging Babel” – Never Before Released

“The Equality Engine” – Only seen on Patreon

“Love IRL” – Only seen on Patreon, one of my most popular stories

“Altered Program” – Sequel to Love IRL, only seen on Patreon

“Project Scarecrow” – From Uprising Review flash fiction

“The Last Blitzkrieg” – Only seen on Patreon

“Compassion” – From the To Be Men anthology (prequel short to my NanoTemplars series coming in 2019)

“The Romance Chip” – From the out of print Irony of Survival anthology – not seen since 2016

“Starlin” – Only seen on Patreon

“Unsafe (in) Space” (ft. S.Misanthrope) – Never Before Released

“Lost And Found” – From A Fistful Of Credits Anthology (Sequel is out in Luck Is Not A Factor)

“Winning Is What We Do” – from MAGA 2020

“Clean Up Call” – Flash Fiction from the Captain Is Dead Board Game

“Gravity Of The Game” – First time this extremely popular novella is in print!

It’s a ton of content so I’m excited to bring this to you!

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5 thoughts on “Whoops!

  1. Got my Flying Sparks today! Looks great! Did I order two copies, though, or was there a packing error? Do you need back?

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