Spiritual Warfare

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It’s very easy when looking at physical events to ignore the metaphysical. We have very limited capacity to detect the spiritual realm, after all, but when patterns appear it becomes evident there’s forces at work that are beyond what we can simply observe with our eyes.

These last two weeks, evil has been on the move. There’s been an overwhelming weight, especially in California, bearing down on everyone and everything. The fires spread like the pits of hell, the smoke hazes everything and makes it impossible to see clearly or even to breathe freely. it creates an environment that’s ready for strife.

And that’s where the demonic thrive. I’ve watched it escalate in people without seeing the patterns over the last week. Hate’s flared between people where there should be none, mental illness has been exacerbated like a domino effect from one person to the next. In order to accurately fight it we need to understand Satan’s goals in sending his forces here at this time:

  1. We’re already in a society where it’s pushing toward hedonism and away from a Christian life. It was done with a smile as it transitioned our nation and especially the state of California into something unrecognizable within three generations. The smiling’s done now, and the sinister acts of evil are now ready to take place as most people are complacent.
  2. Evil wishes to divide Christians and the church foremost. Because if we stand together in love and prayer, it will be driven out.
  3. Without a strong Church acting together, the demonic have free reign to enact their will–which is chaos and strife for creation.

This is where we’re at. It’s moving at a rapid pace these last few weeks and I don’t expect it to slow. Bu we have the ability to push back by recognizing it. Here’s some very quick steps we can take to change the momentum of evil:

  1. Deescalate conflicts between brothers and sisters. We’re in this together. There’s bigger forces at work than whatever our squabbles are.
  2. Pray for peace and exorcism. Demons and Satan flee when the name of Christ is invoked. He scares them, as he should. Acknowledge the spiritual elements of what’s going on, don’t ignore it. They can’t harm you because you are already marked with the blood.
  3. Follow your Christian leadership. This sounds like an obvious one and something very simple, but it’s not. Show the evil spirits that we are one by action and deed. They want to pick easy targets, because these evil spirits are cowards by nature. If you show we stand together, nothing can stop us.

I’m going to be watching out for this in the next few weeks, and if I see any updates I’ll post what I can. Keep this in mind. Share it. Let people know there’s more here than just the material going on — because part of the enemy’s game plan is to create an environment where we don’t acknowledge the spiritual and are blind to it, because it’s hard to fight what you can’t see.

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