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I don’t usually dedicate full blogs to indiegogo projects, but John C. Wright is in a different class. He’s one of the greatest sci-fi writers alive, and it’s cool to see this project coming to fruition. I discussed this series over the summer with his wife Jagi and it’s very exciting stuff coming from the Wright household. I’ve already backed this at the paperback edition, and am considering doing a much bigger backing because the Wrights are such great writers AND great people. I think you’ll really enjoy their work, especially if you’re looking forward to my deus vult in space series coming next year.  On that subject… you might see that the $6,000 stretch goal has a little something, that will be first book of the aforementioned series which is titled Justified: Saga of the NanoTemplar. And it’s included if you support the Wrights!


Check it out:


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