Banned by r/fantasy

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r/fantasy is censoring your favorite humble Hispanic author (me).  This group, supposedly about books and fiction in the genre I write, is removing comments when I make them. I’ve violated no rules, I simply posted the following to this thread:

If you click on the thread, my comments are deleted. They took down my commentary because my existence triggers the President of SFWA so much that she’s abused her power to keep me out twice when applying, despite the fact that I duly qualify.

The “comment deleted” from my view in the screen shot in between was a fellow asking me how I do it, to which of course I mentioned my hard work and rapid release program in order to answer his question.

It looks like r/fantasy is gatekeeping authors on behalf of SFWA President Cat Rambo, who has had it out for me ever since my first book became popular by calling this excellent blog “egregious stupidity.” She’s gone out of her way since that point to run whisper campaigns to try to get other authors to not talk to me, to force me out of writing organizations and the like… and why? She REALLY hates my success.

Of course, that’s why I had to thank her. Because in the internet age when people can actually research and see what’s going on, people flock to works of folk like me who are held down and repressed by the establishment.

My ideas are so scary to big publishing, but readers WANT to see what those are. The truth is: I write books which are just fun fantasy without a heavy, boring political agenda like much of Cat’s work. And the other truth is I write strong, female leads better and more realistic than her. Which is why my Steampunk series has continued to success, and despite her powers as the President of SFWA, despite being able to get people to remove me from speaking platforms, getting me banned from conventions, and getting the r/fantasy moderators to censor me — readers know better.

Ask r/fantasy why they’re censoring conservative Hispanic authors, and send them a message by reading Steampunk that readers overwhelmingly say is the best out there. Don’t take my word for it, just look at 4.6 star average reviews by 118 real readers: 


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6 thoughts on “Banned by r/fantasy

  1. I’m not sure why you keep going on about the SFWA. What is their importance to you or anyone?

    They’ve elected this person “Cat Rambo” twice as President.

    This is a group that has had as past Presidents writers like: Silverberg. Nourse. Dickson. Anderson. Pournelle, Pohl. Williamson. Spinrad. Bear. Bova. Haldeman. Sawyer.

    So this Cat Rambo who I had never heard of? Ignore that fact that her page has nothing I want to buy, that’s just me. But her Wikipedia page … doesn’t leave me with the idea that she’s in the same class as the aforementioned author/Presidents.

    This is a strong sign to me – including her reelection! – that SFWA is, at best, a shadow of its former self. And probably more useless than even that would make it seem.

    (Plus remember SFWA was FOR the big publishers against Amazon – even though they are an “authors” organization and the proposition they were promoting on behalf of “authors” was not obviously in the authors’ own interests – and perhaps were obviously _not_ in the authors’ own interests.)

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