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Hey everyone, a brief update here. You might have seen lately that my twitter is reactivated. I did this because someone warned me that I could actually have my account name taken by someone else, and given the way that the creepers have acted in the past, I figured they would do so to me. It also seems stupid not to be able to advertise to my nearly 5K followers (I released a book last week btw, did you pick it up?).

So here’s what I’ve done! I’ve connected WordPress to Twitter so the blog will post there. I like the blog space better cuz I control it all and don’t have theĀ option of spending hours scrolling through stuff.

I won’t be interacting on Twitter still. If you need me, contact me here, join my facebook group dedicated to my writing (no politics), get on my mailing list above, or subscribe to my Patreon and get all my awesome fiction content and in my private discord server. I recommend doing all three, personally. There’s some ridiculously cool releases going to happen on Patreon, which will include an exclusive story in the For Steam And Country universe this month.

Be patient on blog comments too. I need a better system, but right now it’s auto-holding new comments for approval and sometimes even the case on approved people. I don’t know how to manage that yet but I will be tweaking it at some point. Sorry for that — if it appears to eat your post, it’s just in my cue.

Thanks everyone for being there! I look forward to hearing from folk I might have missed the last month and this seems a good way to manage everything.

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