Flying Sparks: Meta-Man Special Cover Reveal!

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I’m pleased to present what will be the art for the cover of the Meta-Man special, art by Mike Abuan and colors by Levy Ramirez.

Meta-Man takes on his nemesis Doctor Malicious and his communist commandos! 

You’ll get to see some of the history of Meta-Man in this book, though it doesn’t take you back to his origin. I wrote his origin as an old-time radio drama which I produced myself and lost all the files for years ago. We may make it again at some point, may convert that into a novel or a comic book, not sure yet, but this book both is meant to be a fun stand alone adventure and gives a bit of a reveal of how he ties into Chloe in the Flying Sparks main storyline (it’s pretty subtle so I’ll be interested to see who pieces things together).

If you want to catch up on Flying sparks proper, it’s on Amazon now, you can do so here.


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