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New Jon Del Arroz Short Story in ‘Appalling Stories 2!’

By Paul Hair

Has Jon Del Arroz managed to break through to another dimension and bring another version of himself to this reality? Maybe so. After all, it’s hard to believe that one man keeps producing all the stories that he does. And you won’t want to miss his latest: “Angel of Death” (co-written with Avily Jerome), available now in the brand new pulp fiction anthology, Appalling Stories 2: More Appalling Tales of Social Injustice!

Appalling Stories 2 is the exciting sequel to the original Appalling Stories: 13 Tales of Social Injustice. And like the original, book two serves up short, pulp fiction stories unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Jon and Avily’s sci-fi “Angel of Death” tells the tale of Rob Hardy as he ponders if being the chaplain on the XR-Beta-5 mining asteroid is the right choice for him. He struggles with whether it’s really what God is calling him to do. But he soon has other issues to confront when alien life making first contact with humanity. In addition to being faced with the theological implications of alien life, Rob finds himself facing a much more immediate challenge as well. Just what is that? And how are his theological conflicts intertwined with his immediate challenge? Buy the book to find out!

So how can Appalling Stories 2 get any better than this? Here’s how. Mike Baron, co-creator of the comic book superhero Nexus, contributes a humorous tale of vengeance. Breitbart writer Warner Todd Huston contributes a story that weaves a historical record of a dystopian future. And a group of other authors contribute fascinating stories that will blow you away too.

(As for the story I contribute, “The Order That Changed the World,” let’s just say that there’s an eerie connection to something Rep. Eric Swalwell said just a few weeks ago.)

So what are you waiting for? Go out and get Appalling Stories 2 now! Enjoy the latest tale from Jon Del Arroz, and enjoy the rest of the stories too! Available in paperback and for your Kindle.

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