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Hey guys, I’m going to be very busy today and probably early next week so I don’t know how much blogging I’ll do unless some major news hits. Here’s what’s in the pipeline for me:

Today, Lunch Streaming with YouTuber Nerdette and Cap’n Cummings:

I also started the last book in my Nano Templar trilogy: Glorified, after finishing my draft edits on Sanctified – now off to my editor. That’ll occupy my space on the book front for awhile.

But most importantly, I’m gearing up to release Flying Sparks: The Meta-Man Special on Amazon next week. This is going to be a market test for distribution without IndieGoGo — can my comics sustain themselves without the crowdfund system and people helping pay big amounts to cover the art costs?

Mike Abuan, the artist, was very kind in doing this book as a collaboration so I wouldn’t have to incur costs on that level, which is why we could do this one as a test. It’ll be standard comic, 22 pages, $4.99, if you have Prime, you can get free shipping with it. There will be Kindle/CBZ digital options available same day as well. Through Dark Legion, we are making a big push to revolutionize the indie industry, so this is a step toward doing that. I’m very excited and hope you’ll be on board.

The story is a silver age-style superhero adventure. It’s even faster paced than my Flying Sparks book is, and goes into the history of Meta-Man, who if you read Flying Sparks, was a bit of an enigma in the book. You don’t have to have read Flying Sparks to understand this, as it’s 100% standalone (I didn’t even leave a cliffhanger this time!), but if you are invested in the universe, the book should have a nice impact for you.

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