Announcing The Flying Sparks Vol 2 Cover Art Team!

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We’re getting a lot prepped for the next few months of releases. Letters are getting done on chapter 4 right now, and we’re messing with some formatting issues on 5 and 6 to get this all ready to go before the campaign even starts. With our new systems in place, we’re going to have direct shipping from the printer so I can keep my time focused on writing and producing more comics, with the goal to ramp up my work so I can release books monthly by 2020.

We won’t be crowdfunding every book, but will be strategically be doing certain ones like Flying Sparks in graphic novel release format in order to raise money for art for the others. This system is already working well with our first test of the sustainable market on amazon with Flying Sparks: Meta-Man Special. It hit #1 last week upon release, and has had great reception from readers so far.

It’s getting high time we announce our cover artist for volume 2. It’s someone I’m extremely excited to work with after seeing his pin up work he did for Meta-Girl as a sketch on his YouTube channel last year.  If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s creator of Pakkins’ Land, Gary Shipman!

Gary Drawing Meta-Girl:

Gary’s a veteran artist in the industry with more than 20 years under his belt, with the aforementioned Pakkins’ Land doing great in the indie market and garnering him a good following. He’s got his 2018 sketchbook up for sale now on IndieGoGo, and is a phenomenal artist and a wonderful person. Colors will be done by volume 1’s cover colorist, Brett R. Smith, who’s worked for Marvel and did the colors for Trump’s Space Force by Chuck Dixon and Timothy Lim.

We also have a stretch goal pin up being done by another fan favorite, Miss Sashi. I’m very excited to have these folk on the team! Volume 2 really ramps up a lot of the action and the drama all the way around within the series.

If you haven’t gotten volume 1 yet, you can catch up on Amazon here:

And make sure to grab Flying Sparks: Meta-Man Special, my direct to amazon release at a low price of $4.99!

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