Knight Training Now On Audio!

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You’re probably noticing a lot of product promotion posts and a lot of writing stuff this year and wondering what’s going on on the blog? Well, I’ve got a LOT of products, and I’m spending a lot of my time getting them ready, trying to crank them out, trying to do advertising and mailing lists… it’s a big job ramping up to where I’m at workload wise. But there also hasn’t been a lot of interesting stuff going on culture wise to commentate on. Everything’s been kind of flat and dead for the last few months. I think a lot of folk in the establishment finally accepted that I’m here to stay.

But we’re not here for that, we’re here because Knight Training is out on audio. My narrators are cranking away at all my remaining books, and this is the beginning of it.

If you missed Knight Training, it’s my #1 Bestseller from last summer, it’s a coming of age story of a boy becoming a steampunk knight– the special forces of my Rislandian world. I wrote this because of popular demand for a story featuring my James character, and folk were very receptive to the story. If you were on my mailing list a month ago or so, you got a free ebook version (so do leave a review!).

It’s not on audio, so everyone can enjoy it in every format. Check it out here (and it’s also available on the audible app of course).


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