Is Anime Falling Into A #MeToo Trap?

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It seems nothing is safe anymore. Geek culture is out for blood, generally directed at men, right wingers, and Christians. It appears even Anime voice actors are getting thrown under the bus with “seek and destroy” mob tactics on social media.

Last night, YouTuber Yellow Flash posted a video about Vic Mignogna, an actor who did some of the voice work on the extremely successful Dragonball Super Broly. As the film became popular, accusations about the actor started to come out. There’s so many and it’s such a litany that it looks like a concerted effort to destroy him rather than having much basis in reality. Yes they leveled charges:

  • Anti-Semitic
  • Homophobe
  • Harasses Women

It seems the tactic now is just to throw the kitchen sink at someone who “must be destroyed” by SJW culture mobs. As it’s gotten so intense now, it appears as if this group is getting very frightened at the advances Christians and conservatives have made in culture.

Yellow Flash didn’t make any concrete statements as he is investigating this as well, just pointed out what was being said to let his viewers decide. But at this point in our culture war, one has to be suspect of accusations without evidence. I definitely recommend watching his video on the situation as he’s done some good diligence so far. Most of what I’ve been able to uncover in my research of Vic appears like he’s just a friendly guy who, like many actors, is used to hugging, kisses on the cheek and the like at conventions from and to fans alike, and then situations were twisted in order to vilify him.

The first instance I came across of similar last year was with the Fan X Con, where a writer who’s been a big bestseller was shamed and defamed because another writer claimed he kissed her on the cheek after a panel. The author in question says he lived in Italy and, culturally, that’s what Europeans do to greet each other. The convention originally dismissed the issue, but when it was pressed by feminists and celebrities, they threw the author under the bus.

With Vic Mignogna, as a vocal Christian, it appears like he’s getting the same treatment where the mob is trying to stir up nonsense about him in order to destroy him and his career. I will be monitoring the situation closely to see if anything concrete comes out, but for right now, it appears to be more an anonymous alt-left troll mob than anything else. Unfortunately, the media is all too gleeful to play along because they don’t want good Christian role models to exist in culture.

We need to uplift and stand with our cultural brethren who are unfairly under attack and push back against these internet outrage mobs. It’s only going to get worse from here on out as we are actually making a dent in culture.

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One thought on “Is Anime Falling Into A #MeToo Trap?

  1. Glad you posted this. Vic Mignona is awesome. Never met him but up until right about [checks watch] the latest witch burning he had a reputation as one of the coolest guys in the industry. Hopefully enough good people see through the lies to keep his career from tanking.

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