A Meta-Man Review That Gets It

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It’s very rare to find a review that really captures everything I was trying to do with the story. Professor Geek really drills into pretty much every intentional storytelling move I was making while doing this:

  • Intentional “cheesy” (I prefer campy) 1960s silver age melodrama feel in some of the dialogue because of the setting time period
  • the transition from that to the sorta dark ending which passes the torch to the more modern times book
  • fast paced action, of course a hallmark of mine
  • And seeing how it ties into the main book (some folk missed this cuz I didn’t spell-spell it out)

You can watch the full review here. Regardless, Professor Geek is clearly a critical reader who understands books. It’s a treasure and rare.

And of course, don’t take his or my word for it, pick up Meta-Man Special for yourself!

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