Lunch Stream Emergency Broadcast

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Had a very nice chat with Vox Day and Moira Greyland about the craziness in the book publishing industry covering the YA Drama with Amelie Zhao and Amazon’s insane censorship of Castalia House by bringing down their entire catalog.

Definitely worth watching. Also, be sure to subscribe to the channel. We’re sneaking up in the numbers, almost to 600!

And if you subscribe to my Patreon, you’ll be getting a nice surprise in a few minutes. Please do go there and back! All books go to my subscribers early and often you’ll get short stories that don’t hit the market.

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One thought on “Lunch Stream Emergency Broadcast

  1. Look at the authors picture. Now Imagine your typical blue haired Land whale. I WONDER WHAT MOTIVES THEY HAD TO ATTACK THE PRETTY GIRL.

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