The SJW Book Mob Came For An Innocent Asian Girl

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First they came for Vox Day… and I said nothing.

Then they came for Larry Correia… I said nothing.

Then they came for Jon Del Arroz… I said nothing.

But those were just political people right? Oh, wait.

Then they came for a YA author who never delves into politics, Laurie Forest… I said nothing.

Then they came for another YA author, Laura Moriarty… I said nothing.

Then they came for Keira Drake…. I said nothing.

But those were just white women. I mean cultural appropriation, right?

Not anymore.

When is the industry going to stand up to these hateful mobs who seek nothing other than to destroy innocent people’s lives?

Last night, Asian immigrant author Amelie Zhao posted this screen shot to her twitter account:

a faux-outrage mob hitting because her book had slavery in it. As insennnnnsitive. Even though slavery is portrayed as bad, even though it appears from the Amazon blurb that the book is about liberating from slavery, even though active slavery is a condition in the world where millions of people are affected (more than any time in history), the nutjobs in the book community literally can’t even a topic being spoke of.

We are living 1984. People are such sheltered triggered little snowflakes that it’s unbelievable.

But you’ve seen this all before. I’m not raising awareness anymore for this topic. Like all the names above, this has happened time and time again and it’s batshit insane.

The problem here isn’t the crazies, which we know exist. The problem is GIVING IN.

When you do this, your career is toast. You are over. Amelie’s associations will forever paint her as “the slavery girl” and they’ll never want to touch her brand again. She probably got a 6-figure advance, quit her job, decided to go full bore into writing, thinking she was gonna have a cozy career and would be uplifted as a token immigrant Asian to show how diverse New York Publishing is.

Not even that ID is safe anymore from the mob.

Now she’s stuck. Her book is pulled. It may get published, but if it does, the publisher isn’t going to push it. it’s going to be buried. She’ll sell far less than someone like me does, and her career will die and she’ll be out of the game. It’s happened dozens of times in YA now, and it’s always the same pattern. I wish it wasn’t the case, but I’m here to tell you the honest truth.

So here’s what Amelie should have done, and here’s what you should do if you ever come under SJW attack like this: fight back.

You gain nothing by bending to the mob. They don’t function in a space where it’s earnest. No matter what, you’re a racist bigot to them, even if you’re a minority like me or Amelie. Get over it. Don’t care what they think. They are not your readers. They’re not going to buy your book regardless. They’re going to leave you hate reviews. Embrace that you’re bullied, be a champion of anti-bullying. It will drive them MAD– and it will be free advertising for your book.

Only in that environment will your book flourish, will you be able to overcome this and keep a career going. Only by showing them their tactics WILL NOT FAZE YOU will you be able to get them to eventually give up. Every author needs to do this, for if they see one caving to their mob, they will continue on and on and do it to everyone until we can’t create art about topics important to us because some idiot with a keyboard might be triggered.

For the sake of art existing, we have to rise up and write what the hell we want and not give a flying fuck what these people think.

It’s that or let your career die — and not only that — but let the careers of the next 20, 30, 50 poor authors targeted by that die because no one would fight the mob.

Tell them no, you will not change your work. Tell them freedom of speech is what makes art great. Tell them you will not be bullied. Tell them your art and your work are worth it and you will never back down because it’s your life.

I choose to fight. How about you?

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