Tom Brady Won And The Internet Went Insane

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The best part about SJWs is they make everything into some sort of race war, even though both quarterbacks are white, both coaches are white, and both teams have a mix that’s working together. It’s completely absurd. But that doesn’t stop twitter from going off. Here’s a fun compilation for you to laugh at and mock.


And of course a blue check mark I’ve never heard of has to get in on the fun calling all Patriots fans…. anime nazis?

Bizarre to say the least. Like always, they overreact, overplay their hand, and just go completely off the rails.

America hates this. People hate this. I always see authors and the like in the business getting worried about perception or trying to bend to these mobs — you never can. If they’re after you, it just means you’re doing something right, you’re WINNING, and you should just keep your head down and continue to win.

That’s what Tom Brady does. He doesn’t spend time on the bullshit, doesn’t spend hours mocking an anti-patriot NFL fan on live streams, but instead improving himself and working hard to win. He’s just getting the job done. It’s a lesson for all of us as we get more fame and as this culture war goes on.

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