Last Chance For Steam And Country 99 Cent Sale!

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The sale ends today and it’s been a tremendously successful week for the series as a whole. Thank you everyone for checking out and enjoying the books.

You can get For Steam And Country for 99 cents here, get into the series at pretty much no risk (they only get betterĀ as the series goes along too). I’ll be uploading a new version of the book with a fresh edit and new formatting very shortly as well, everyone who has the book through Amazon will be able to get this new version free and I’ll be posting instructions on how to do so.

Knight Training also got an audiobook last week. If you have a credit, good time to get in on that. Guard Training is being reviewed now on the audio front so it’ll be up soon to get the full series experience:

The new version also went out to Patreon subscribers last week, and a brand new James Gentry short story today. I post a LOT of content and my subscribers get it first, it definitely is worth your while to sign up and helps me to push a lot of cool creative stuff out I wouldn’t otherwise be able to spend time on. Please subscribe here!

Firing on all cylinders and getting stuff done. It’s gonna be a crazy slate for 2019 but we’re going to transform this industry!

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