Flying Sparks, Alt-Hero Cover Reveals and More!

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If you missed the lunch stream today you missed a LOT. I read the prologue to the alt-hero novel, showed everything on the Flying Sparks Volume 2 Kickstarter coming soon, and went through every single comic project with preview pages.

Did you know I have EIGHT graphic novels in development? I’m running circles around the industry both in books and comics.

All of it’s shown in the video. Too much to write about. And I’ve been very busy WRITING.

If you want to support stuff, like I say in the video, I really urge folk to get on the Patreon subscription. Having steady subscriptions means I can confidently do more and I’d love to just be able to fully fund all this art without having to worry about Kickstarter and how it’s going to perform. These are great books, I put out a ton of work monthly, which few creators do. Check it out here.

You can also get flying sparks volume 1 here to get ready for the next.

And The Ember War is still open, closing off very soon so get in on that book before it’s ended.

If you missed the cover reveals. Flying Sparks Volume 2:

Alt-Hero: Covert:


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