Why Bother Being Republican?

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The latest case of Chase Bank’s removal of Martina Markota’s bank account, over what appears to be for no reason other than her being a vocal right winger, is just another example of why the Republican Party does nothing except for harm you as an individual.

If it’s known you’re a republican, you’re going to be defamed, deplatformed, harassed, possibly lose all potential jobs, carry around a social stigma that makes it really hard on your life, and for what gain?

The party is like many of Spain’s inept centrist parties in the 1930s — where you pretty much had to choose a Falangist or Communist side, or you’d be suspect, and liable to be executed by the extremes in power.

Or to go there, the Socialist Democrats in Germany from 1928 – 1933. They sat by idly while National Socialists set up Nazi only knitting clubs, Nazi only businesses, Nazi only social circles, and as an ordinary person you had to join or you risked your entire livelihood, and as it got deeper into the 30s, your life.  The ineptitude of the Socialist Democrats in holding their ground in society is largely responsible for what transpired later.

Like these worthless parties of the past, the Republicans do NOTHING to protect their people. They don’t lift a finger when their artists are banned from conventions, removed from credit processors like Stripe and Patreon, banned from Youtube and Twitter, our own officials kicked out of restaurants when they’re just sitting their eating a hamburger.  “Well, actually, it’s a free business exercising rights to free speech” – they say as their people are deplatformed, and the left grabs an even stronger death grip on the culture.

Their commitment to principles and defending the corporate are at heavy cost to Republican individuals. And if it’s not about individuals, what’s it about?

Well, tax cuts!

Great. Give tax cuts to Google and Amazon so they pay nothing while your own people can’t even get a bank account at this juncture. I hope you feel principled while you lose everything you stand for and your friends and family get destroyed.

That’s what’s got me set off today. Martina Markota is the latest example of a string of right wing personalities to get hit hard, and the mainstream country club Republican establishment does nothing. There’s no calls from politicians talking to Chase Bank about how they removed her account under suspect circumstances. Our major media like Fox News is doing nothing about it. No one cares because it’s a cultural item.

Just like every other incident in the past. They figure if they just keep their heads down and play ball, they’ll be safe from it. They won’t mess with these banking institutions which are arms of the Federal Reserve because “muh private business”. And it makes the party worthless and useless to its members.

What’s it going to take? Someone to get shot? I’m sure the party then would say “well it’s their right to bear arms on the property so there’s nothing we can do.” The removal of bank accounts is already a step so far into the realm of it being impossible to function in society as a Republican, and knowing that for taking stands like I do or like Martina does, we will have no real back up whatsoever from our leadership, why should we bother?

Honestly, unless these guys get some backbone and start actually fighting the good fight, might as well be a Democrat. Tulsi Gabbard isn’t so bad, at least she wants to end all the pointless foreign wars, and if we’re Democrats, maybe they’ll protect us when big business tries to go after us.

Support Martina’s Indiegogo project here.

And make sure to pick up my Steampunk novel series before Amazon decides I should be banned for not conforming.

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3 thoughts on “Why Bother Being Republican?

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  2. “…if we’re Democrats, maybe they’ll protect us when big business tries to go after us.” No, they won’t. They *are* the big business coming after us.

    The only ray of light I can see in this whole stupid situation is that the USA is a very different place than Spain or Germany, which means there’s a good chance things will turn out differently. I just hope different is also better.

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