An Interview With Me – Culture War & Steampunk

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Did a nice interview with Russ Meyer over on his blog. Which was a lot of fun, talked about mostly writing and culture war topics.

So, Jon…what’s up?(ie, tell us a little about yourself)
I’ve dialed back a lot of stuff in order to just focus on fiction writing lately. That means less journalistic writing, because this is what I’ve set out to do—change culture, and now I’m finally in a position with a platform to where I can do it. It doesn’t get my name out there as often (cuz it’s usually only on releases and novels take time), but I want 2019 to be a body of work which blows others out of the water in just how much great fiction I can produce.
What kinds of genres do you like to write and why?
I’m in space opera/military science fiction, steampunk, and then superhero comics. I like all of the above because I can tell adventure stories in those settings, though I’ll probably delve into straight fantasy in the future as well. These allow for off the wall stories which are fun more than other genres in my opinion. It’s a good spot.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

And if you’ve got an audible credit, Make Science Fiction Fun Again is out on audio! Make sure to get it now! 


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