I See The Same Mistakes In Every Culture War Battle

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Every time there’s a flare up, the folk who try to be fence sitters and moderates do exactly the same thing. They’re engaged in a battle because they’re attacked, or some of their friends are attacked, and they try to play a “voice of reason” in this. The problem is, when you’re in the middle of someone’s identity game, there is no reason, because identity is not a reasonable thing, it’s all outrage emotion .

These folk are usually on the conservative side of the aisle, but they don’t want to actually acknowledge the ID politics or full on culture war going on. And by doing so, they invariably lose and set back the cause.

I am vague posting a little bit because I’m watching something happen, and I am not going to just force someone’s involvement, but I am going to warn against what I see this person doing all the same, because it matters.

  1. You’re not going to get in with the left. If they have targeted you or your friends, you’re out. Despite their lines about diversity, they do not want diversity. They are in a full on culture war. Read history in Europe in the 1930s-1950s about communism, or China from 1970 forward. If you’re not a member of the party, you get ostracized, you’re just as suspect as the actual opposition. You get nowhere without joining them because they ARE in a full on identity war and you’re not their identity, therefore you’re the enemy.
  2. DO NOT APOLOGIZE DO NOT APOLOGIZE DO NOT APOLOGIZE. I see this so much, especially when someone does something so innocuous there’s nothing wrong with it. They think if they apologize for the slight they can get back in the good graces. The truth is, the apology just opens the door to bigger and stronger attacks. They’re going after you. They’ll push harder because they smell blood. SJWs are not in this because they genuinely care about getting something accomplished. Failed Tor author John Scalzi made a nice thread about this last year where he posited about “allowing someone back in” after their supposed thought crimes. He stated it would take 10-15 years of reparations to be able to even consider it. Do you want your life to be that? Don’t apologize.
  3. Yes, you’re going to get ostracized. But there’s no camp for the fence sitters. You’ll be stuck. Join us already because this is a culture WAR. The other side is fighting to win, if you want to survive, fight to win too.

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