I Guess He Should Just Start His Own Amazon

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That way Tommy Robinson can compete in the marketplace of ideas, right?

This is the new battlefield. These giant mega-corporations at every step are dictating what people can see and hear, and it’s in a complete attempt to influence people’s thoughts, elections, maintain power.

Multi-national corps like Amazon and Google get governments to do their will, and bend to what they want in order to socially engineer us. They want us to all be conforming little programming worker drones who say yes to our tech lords and masters.

This is the second time in recent history a topic has been too hot for Amazon, which took down one of Roosh’s books a few months ago.

When we let them dictate which ideas can be seen, we are on a path to complete destruction of our side. The right wing parties simply won’t rally around its members like the left does, and every time there’s a deplatforming like this, we’re left stranded alone to just take it from the big tech giants–monopolies which are FUNDED by the government.

Corporations aren’t the answer. Conservatives cannot focus on protecting them anymore. They are not on our side, they want to destroy us. We need to change our attitudes and support our people, otherwise, who in their right mind will speak up against evil in five or ten years?

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