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Getting close to the time where I’m going to be launching Flying Sparks Volume 2: Mob Ties on Kickstarter.

I’m planning on launching March 21st.

There’s a lot of work to do to follow up on my $30,000+ successful first campiagn. I’m trying out some different things this time around in hopes to expand the audience to try to get different people to check it out, and to give more options to readers and backers.

Part of why I’m going to Kickstarter is to attempt to get the book in front of eyeballs who haven’t seen my work before. Kickstarter allows that most because a lot of people peruse comics over there.  But there’s more to the set up than you’d think.

I’m also working with BackerKit, which is a management software tool through KS that helps with pledges. BackerKit also opens up an online store that allows me to sell my other books through the site, which I’m hoping will be useful and add to the sales.

Adding all the products in, coming up with stretch goals folk will be interested in (I have some extremely creative ones this time around which I’d really love to see hit), making sure the book is all prepped… it’s a lot to do in the next few days, but I’m working on it!

One of the goals I’m most excited about is a “digital comics starter pack” which is a sampler of Indies which have come out recently. When it hits, all backers will get:

  • Ember War Issue #1
  • Alt-Hero Issue #1
  • Chuck Dixon’S Avalon #1
  • Punchline #1
  • Something Real #1
  • Juanpool #1
  • Pistol Whipped #1 (an unreleased book of mine)
  • Dynamite Thor #1 (an unreleased book of mine)
  • And more as we line these up

What’s gonna be cool is across different books we’ll be starting to give out these samplers so folk can check out great indie comics and get hundreds of pages of content for their backing.

Tentatively we’re going to be launching March 21st and I hope you’ll be along for the ride. Volume 2 is so much more exciting than volume 1 as we introduce a lot more to the world and the plot,

If you wanna get in on the book early and haven’t checked it out yet, I recommend doing so now. Volume 2 picks right up where 1 left off so you’ll want to read it (of course you’ll be able to back both via the KS too if you want to support there).

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