Another Complete Graphic Novel!

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Just yesterday Jethro Morales turned in his final pages for The Ember War graphic novel. The 120-page epic adaptation of Richard Fox’s bestselling sci-fi series is now complete!

I’m super excited, as we’ve been working on this book for about a year. It’s taken a lot of time and effort, but it’s paid off really well. Jethro’s really progressed as an artist, I think I did a killer job breaking down the plot and shifting it over to a comic book format, and we have one of the best graphic novels of 2019 — PLUS — we did something historic by making one of the first indie books to be adapted into comics.

A big deal!

Backers will be getting issue #4 very soon. And issue #5 will be wrapping up coloring shortly and going to the letterer — on time for an April delivery like we expected.

We will be CLOSING PRINT ORDERS of the book THIS WEEK. Do not miss it if you want to get in on The Ember War.   

All this is in prep of launching Flying Sparks Volume 2: Mob Ties on the 21st. 10 days away. I want to get everything wrapped up so I can focus full attention on my superhero campaign.

This is going to be a big test. Last year, our market was bolstered by a political wave which was running through the culture. Now I’ve delivered on my promises, put out great books, and we’re approaching round two.

Flying Sparks Volume 2 will be showing the world that this isn’t just a one of, it’s the real deal.

And I need your help. Get on my mailing list. When it’s out, back it immediately so we can get the momentum. Tell your friends. Tell the major youtubers they need to support the book. And keep telling them over the course of the campaign. To push this to the next level it’s gonna require a group effort.

I hope you’ll join me, and thank you everyone for being here so far! It’s been a wild ride and the best is yet to come.

Flying Sparks Vol 1 is also available on Amazon here.



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