I Fought With The Mob And I Got Ties #FlyingSparks

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Only 6 days until we launch Flying Sparks Vol. 2: Mob Ties.

I’m so excited. Flying Sparks has been so well-received it’s rejuvenated my love for comics all the way around. My vision when I created this was to get a superhero world that transcended comics. I want to expand to audio dramas, film, and more to create a whole experience around this story that is unparalleled. A full multi-media experience, stuff that stretches my limits artistically and brings you the coolest content possible.

And we’re getting close to this being a reality. The first volume raised over $30K, which allowed me to branch out into more art, side stories, character bios, and other books which are coming down the pipeline and being created as we speak. I’ve got 7 graphic novels in development, 3 of which will be part of a shared superhero universe built around Flying Sparks.

But there’s a lot more to go. This flagship book is going to pave the way for so much, and volume 2 really is so much fun it blows the first one away. Anyone who reads my novels knows that after any set up in book 1, I go full bore with break-neck paced action, and Flying Sparks is no exception.

Johnny has to fight a full on gang war. So does Chloe. It’s going to get really difficult for our protagonists to keep their lives secret from each other. Lots of conflict on both the personal and the plot-action level.

There’s a ton going on and I love how this story is building. Thank you everyone for supporting so far and I hope you’ll back the campaign.

Over the next week I’ll be putting up some preview art, talk about the exciting stretch goals and more.

If you missed the first book, no problem. It’s available on Amazon now. Or you can get it through the campaign as well.

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