Another Right Wing Scalp Is Claimed…

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…by the right.

Why do we eat our own?

You may not have heard of DC McAllister before. but she’s a writer who’s done a ton of work for The Federalist and The Daily Wire as a staff writer. She’s been doing it for a long, long time, the type of person who’s consistent, putting out really good writing work. The kind of person you’d want at your writing outfit. She’s not a celebrity, not all over the news all the time for her shock-jock style antics or with long legs at the end of the desk in a short skirt. She’s just a good writer.

And it doesn’t matter, cuz the right is not about merit as much as they like to squawk like they are.

Our establishment only cares about optics, and what the left thinks of them. It’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen, and it’s why we consistently lose. Our leaders constantly apologize to the left for being, even when the base and even they probably don’t agree.

McAllister made a vulgar tweet, one which was actually pretty true, even if it was a little cringy in the way it was stated. And there’s context to it.

She’d been under fire by a social media mob for talking badly about The View, which is the most horrendous awful program on television. Meghan McCain is used as a token whipping girl against hardcore leftist crazies. She’s used as an optic to be “fair” but in reality it’s just about mocking conservatives and Christians with a smirk saying “See, this is what they are.” It’s their platform, and enemy territory.

McAllister’s tweet was taken as a personal slight to McCain, when it wasn’t meant as such, and the internet went wild going after McAllister. People kept piling in and suddenly a New York Magazine writer by the name of Yashar Ali chimed in concern trolling her.

He’s a leftist, he works for New York Magazine. He’s a vocal homosexual as well. He made a comment implying that McAllister’s husband was beating her.

It was too much for McAllister.

Her tweet (since deleted) was: “Oh so sad. @yashar is lost. He doesn’t know his purpose as a man. He doesn’t know his purpose as a human being. He doesn’t know his purpose as an Individual. So he wallows and tries to find himself in another man’s asshole. Sad.”

While vulgar, she’s not wrong. And second, since he pushed about her husband, it’s firmly in a personal realm.

Naturally everyone flipped out. Ben Shapiro made his standard virtue signaling, everyone in the establishment turned on McAllister for “homophobia.”

Who’s cheering at her firing?

Jezebel, Salon, USA Today.

The enemy.

People who aren’t going to give the Daily Wire or the Federalist the time of day. People who are here to bring these companies down. They’re not going to get cookies from these groups for throwing their writer under the bus when she was under heavy internet mob attack and lost her cool. That’s all that happened.

And most of their audiences agree with her, even if we aren’t into the vulgar elements of what she said. Obviously someone who’s criticizing a masculine man and turning away from God to a sinful lifestyle is lost. There’s nothing wrong with saying that.

When will our side learn? This happens every time. We can’t even TALK about issues anymore because of the way the left frames them and we accept it.

It’s disappointing. And I stand with DC McAllister even though she did the wrong thing… by apologizing. But that’s another blog topic.

If you appreciate the right, support our cultural efforts. The establishment doesn’t give culture the time of day, leaving us to flail much like their commentators. You are the ones who can make the change. Culture pushes the Overton window. Culture is what influences the next generation. Back Flying Sparks today and help make a change. 

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19 thoughts on “Another Right Wing Scalp Is Claimed…

  1. It’s because the people who fired her aren’t really on ‘the right’ they’re on the fence and heavily leaning left, if not left already. They just claim to be on the right, but they’re not.
    They need to be ignored and recognized for what they are.

  2. Dave Dubrow also had a good write-up of this here:

    This is a case of someone committing blasphemy against Those Who Shall Not Be Mocked. For whatever reason, we have a series of unwritten blasphemy laws that protect homosexuals against anything and everything.

    No one is saying we should be like Iran and Brunei and places like that. But for God’s sake, we’re talking Internet banter. That said, it doesn’t help that McAllister is a Christian.

    In any event, I certainly wouldn’t have reacted with quite the same level of vulgarity McAllister did, but the fact remains that she was defending herself against a pretty nasty insult. Alas, in 21st Century America, the rules are different depending on who you are, what you look like, and what you enjoy doing with your genitals.

    The worst part of this, though, is how everyone on her side was in such a rush to throw her under the bus.

    • No, she wasn’t defending herself against any kind of insult, and Yashar Ali was not the only recipient of her sexually abusive, dehumanizing, decidedly UN-Christian rhetoric.

      Now several other people have documented/are documenting the vile, filthy tirades they’ve received from her, the emails, the commentary from her at other sites.

      She regularly hurls filthy — absolutely filthy — comments at men, women, gay people, straight people, always involving oral or anal sex, if they dare to disagree with her.

      She’s a sick, sick woman. Sick. Disturbed.

      She has been allowed to carry on like this — worse than this — behind the scenes far too long. Had she ever behaved like this in an actual job in an actual office, she’d have been fired within her first week of employment, and justifiably so. She is a hateful, rage-filled, sexually abusive, twisted, sick person who wouldn’t know the first thing about either conservative or Christian values if they smacked her over the head with a two-by-four.

      • “He’s right. I slipped,” is a common thing women say to cover up spousal abuse (“No, really…I fell down the stairs…). Ali then tweeted: “I guess Denise is not happy that I’m worried about how her husband tweets her.”

        All the tweets are here in this story:

        It’s eminently reasonable for someone to see that as “He thinks my husband beats me.” Don’t tell people something didn’t happen when the tweets are there for all to see. I’m not defending her comments, and haven’t been from the beginning. I just want the actual facts to be clear.

        Back to McAllister: I knew little about her before this. It turns out, yes, she has a history of beating people. Apparently two women quit working at the Federalist because of her. So she’s not a, quote-unquote, “good person.”

        But does she deserve to be fired? She was fired only because she insulted a gay man. Gays have, for whatever reason, been deemed off-limits from insults. This double standard is what rankles me. And I brought up McAllister’s Christianity only because Christians are the lowest of the low on the stack: of course a Christian getting into a spat with a gay man is going to be treated extra harshly.

        This might have been viewed as the last straw that got McAllister fired. I don’t know. I doubt it, but it could be. There are plenty of other nasty media people who’ve easily said things as bad and they don’t seem to get fired.

        So McAllister has a history of this. I think it was very poor form for her to react the way she did. I disagree that fighting back is somehow un-Christian. How she went about it was just, in my opinion, dumb.

        A fireable offense? In a normal world, yes. But this isn’t a normal world, and people who’ve said and done worse still have jobs—I mean, there are media people who lie and insult others EVERY DAY, failing the core purpose of their occupation, and they never seem to get fired. I just want what’s good for the Christian goose to be good for the gay gander. That’s all.

  3. //John Van Stry on April 2, 2019 at 8:06 am said:

    It’s because the people who fired her aren’t really on ‘the right’ they’re on the fence and heavily leaning left, if not left already. They just claim to be on the right, but they’re not.//

    Pause a moment and consider that. The FEDERALIST, a magazine that Jon writes for is, according to yourself, is run by people “on the fence and heavily leaning left, if not left already”? Do you not think that maybe your perspective on what is left versus right might have become a bit unglued?

  4. Great article.

    It should be noted that her first response was not this. It simply said what is a gay man doing trying to give marriage advise to a heterosexual couple. The “offending tweet” was later. Also I would argue that we capitulate to the left on this issue because the homosexual agenda has spent billions trying to make their perversion acceptable in the eyes of the average American so they could get into our schools and victimize our children. Just like Phil Robertson, Denise has exposed what homosexuality really is, deviant and perverted sex practices and abnormal desires that should lead someone to seek treatment. Another issue we don’t address because prior to the 1973 homosexuality was considered a mental illness by the American Psychological Association in their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders. Ben Shapiro talks about marriage between a man and a woman and has addressed the issue of homosexuality in the past but like the article says the conservative movement has basically forgotten where it has gotten its conservative ideas and forgets its identity when it comes to homosexuality and identity politics. Truth is truth and we should not be afraid to speak it.

  5. Yahsar Ali never once — not once — at all — said or implied McAllister’s husband was beating her. This is a bald-faced lie. Your entire post is premised on a filthy lie.

    He merely said “Oh, Denise.”. That’s it. That’s ALL he tweeted.

    You are a lying POS defending a notoriously abusive, mentally disturbed woman.

    Thank God her years of abuse are now being made public, along with her years of hurling sexually sick and abusive rhetoric at her colleagues and those with whom she disagrees.

  6. This is why the right will lose the Culture War. They will lose and they will be humiliated and they’ve earned the L because they are far more interested in knifing their own soldiers in the back than getting on the field. As admirable as they think Ali is now, he’s still going to stick it to them every chance he gets because he’s on the field and they aren’t. -Dave Dubrow

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