This $10K Stretch Goal Is Absurd!

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We gotta get there as fast as possible. You’re the ones who can make it happen.

When I started this comics movement back in 2017, I knew I’d eventually want to release books, but wasn’t sure on the plan. Now it’s become a reality where I’m coming out with books regularly, at a speed with the pages that matches the REAL comic industry. As this continues to grow, we’re going to blow them out of the water.

My crowdfunds aren’t just used to fund one book, but I pour the money into art to produce for multiple, which is what makes supporting me unique compared to other creators. You’re pushing for a real industry change here, for comics to be created on a monthly basis (as is the goal).

But there’s a lot of people who want to help, and a lot of people I want to help, which is what this stretch goal at $10K is designed to do.

It’s the INDIE DIGITAL SUPERSTARS pack, which contains first issues from a whole smattering of different books:

Alt-Hero #1

Chuck Dixon’s Avalon #1

Sporkman: Conventions

Nyobi #1

Punchline #1

Something Real #1

Juanpool #1

The Ember War #1

and a sneak peek at my upcoming book later this summer with Dynamite Thor #1. You’ll be the first to check it out.

This stretch goal unlocks over 200 pages of full comics to read, all by great creators and friends of the movement.

If you want the books, this is where you should go. I haven’t seen any other crowdfunds making this crazy of an offer. We are a true community of creators and this is only going upward.

Back Flying Sparks today. Let’s get us to that 10K mark and beyond. Support conservative creators making changes to the industry! The culture is everything!

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