Back To The Grind!

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As if I ever left it… but it feels like during crowdfund campaigns I spend a lot more time promoting than I do writing (cuz I do). It drains the heck out of me, believe it or not. I don’t find it super fun to do youtube show after youtube show over and over, but more a necessary evil. What I really love is writing, so it’s time to readjust focus on that.

Not that I haven’t been. I’ve got 5 completed novels in the pipeline that I’m strategically holding for releases, as well as one novella which I just finished up yesterday (not even counting all the graphic novels currently being drawn). We did a cover reveal on social media if you missed it:

That’s right! The 3rd book in The Steam Knight novella sequence featuring James Gentry. This wraps up “Year One” of James’ story so we’ll keep it moving along. This is another great buddy adventure with James and Ethan diving into the heart of enemy territory to help the war effort.

Other things I’m working on is edits to dialogue for Flying Sparks Volume 3, that’s not a typo. Volume 2 is finished-finished and will be ready for print soon. I want to keep this story going at a reasonable rate so this is the plan!

After that, I’ll be on another comic project for a couple of days before diving into Baron Von Monocle Book 4: The Iron Wedding. I love how the 2nd arc of the main story is going to go, so you’ll want to be there for sure.

Getting caught up on all sorts of projects, but we’re finally getting to a point where I’ve almost gotten done what I said I was going to do. It’ll free me up for other new things soon enough, which I’m excited about.

For now, you should catch up on my Steam Knight series if you haven’t already People love these books with strong male leads! Start with Knight Training, and get Guard Training!

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