IndieGoGo Tampers With 2nd ComicsGate Campaign

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@ElectricDino12 reports this morning that IndieGoGo has not delivered him his funds on his comic book, Rebel Yell #2, even though the campaign closed back on Feb 21st.

“Indiegogo has had since Feb 21st to disperse the funds for our successfully crowdfunded Rebel Yell Issue #2, but they say that the comic has yet to be reviewed by their “Trust and Safety” Team? We’re still waiting, folks,” he reports.

The “Trust & Safety” team is the same group that began messing with Alt-Hero Q’s funds by Chuck Dixon, eventually holding backer’s funds for over a month, and then refunding all pledges in what appears to be fraudulent action by IGG.

Rebel Yell is made by a small creative team, a group that made only $541 on the campaign, so it’s not likely to get much attention by any of the major outlets, but it’s still something harrowing. This company is not safe, and is messing with multiple projects not before they go up, but after backers have given funds to it. Oddly, IndieGoGo had no problem with their Issue #1 and allowed the campaign through without any problems.

The crowdfunding platform is not safe to use at all, and it appears they’re far more willing to take action on their own to harm creator owned comic projects. Use the site at your own risk.

My Flying Sparks volume 2 is available on BackerKit, a 3rd party company which hasn’t bothered anyone, and has been very cordial on the phone with me over several conversations. iIf you missed out on the project, you can get it here and be assured the funds will get to me.

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4 thoughts on “IndieGoGo Tampers With 2nd ComicsGate Campaign

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  2. If the campaign closed two months ago, there’s no reason for the delay. Was anyone refunded? Has the money stayed in the corporate black pit?

    He should check the Wayback Machine for when Indiegogo changed their terms of service. If the change was during campaign, then IGG is SOL. He should also read all the ToS to see where developer aand backer are affected.. Iget a hint of tortious interference in the air.

  3. They are in legal jeopardy. The reason they are delaying is because of the alt hero legal stuff. Indiegogo is now absurdly claiming that all confederate flags are hate speech, regardless of context, even though the ADL even says you have to pay attention to context. At this point it may be best if arkhaven looks to go ruthless against them as igg aren’t worth saving.

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